A clever trick by Jukka Jalos in a TV interview

The expert points out that the Lions coaching staff know how tough the opponents are.

– The first set was a sloppy puck game from us. A little unruly, we gave them some space. Fortunately (goalkeeper Harry) The manor The Lions’ head coach was excellent again Jukka Jalonen Norway said in a televised interview with Viaplay and MTV after the game, which ended in a 4-1 victory.

Finland won the opening set against Norway 2-0 and from the previous two matches, Lejon had two wins by a 12-1 margin.

Ice hockey expert from Iltalethi Pekka Viran According to that particular moment, the right place is to make sure one’s feet are on the ground.

– That was the best way – to do a little criticism at the moment of victory, Virta says.

– As a coach, you want to play a game against weaker nations that you can use to beat stronger nations. Someone says it doesn’t matter if you win 5-0 or 4-0. Of course, those things should be pointed out. Against big nations, those (mistakes) can change the whole game very quickly when the opponent scores the first goal and gets on top of the game.

Jukka Jalonen also handed out Norwegian towels after the game – perhaps in the most carefully considered way. Jenny is the host

“Work on schedule”

Against weaker nations, namely Great Britain and Norway, champion coach Virda could see that the Lions executed their game plan with discipline.

– He (Jalonen) is well aware of the work schedule. Couldn’t have won these games better. It makes no sense to think that scoring 14 goals is better than a safe win because that is the recipe for success against big nations.

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Finland continued the game strongly, meaning that instead of a headless attack, the team would start slowly as a united five if necessary, even if it prompted them to play against a weaker opponent.

Many targets are created by line shot and guide.

Oliver Caskey And the two-layer mask still works.

– The same game-making spirit that can be used to win the biggest games is evident. Regardless of whether the situation is against Great Britain or Norway, the game template is very clear.

Virda also relied on strong puck control in the SM League and looks forward to Legionnaire’s performance.

When training matches are included, Leijonat have conceded seven goals in regular time in their previous nine matches. Just a little.

– number of goals scored for Finland – a very valuable one indeed.

From Kuopio to Prague

For young Finnish players, goals and assists, even against weaker nations, can provide valuable confidence.

Oliver Capacella The first game was sensational. Now he lived through the games and announcements he played against people. He has the opportunity to play the same ice hockey as at Kuopio’s ice hall, and it pays off in tough games.

Finland had many offensive victories against weaker nations. Jenny is the host

According to Wirra, it’s important to remember that after the goal celebration, the level of demand against Canada goes up tremendously. The Lions will rely on what they have already seen, even in tough games, but they will have to do it against a better opponent.

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– When you have the puck, you have to be on the puck, when you don’t have the puck, you have to block the players coming towards the goal. Both previous adversaries were unable to respond with an international demand.

– Don’t change the way you play. You have to go hard, you don’t have to score four or eight goals, but have the same template at the right time and win 2–1. You can still control Gaske’s shot.

Four seconds

However, Wirda points out that he doesn’t sit on the news, but the Lions’ coaching staff also knows the demand for the game is getting tougher.

An example of this is Jalonen’s criticism of the opening set of the Norwegian tournament.

A good three minutes into the opening set of the Norwegian match, Suomen Mikko Lehtonen A line drive was fired into the offensive zone, which ended for the Norwegians. Four seconds later, Norway was about to end the counterattack with a goal from Finland.

– Even now it was already seen that Norway fought back in the first set. When the world stars attack, they shoot the puck into the goal.

– World’s best players come from there to give super challenge to good Finnish players playing in European leagues. Demanding kilos, struggles, personal circumstances and loss of bucks can be difficult.

The goal-oriented fighting game is more intense. Jenny is the host

Finland face Austria next, but Virta is looking forward to the Canada game on Saturday.

– How much can they mess up that Finnish game?

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– The style of play is OK, but it will be more difficult if we don’t have an attacking game like what happened against the Czech Republic. Championships are not won by mere possession or stupid attacking. Attacking and pacing the game is the best way to defend. That is Finland’s chance.

Will there be failures?

On the other hand, even wild NHL rosters have their perils, according to Wirra.

– Top teams inevitably fail when everyone expects them to play in the NHL. One gets annoyed when one plays with excellence and does not score.

At best, Lejon has many wins in deciding games compared to expected value.

– And no opponent can start playing against Finland with only their strengths attacking, but they have to respect the Finnish style of play.

– Tactics are strong in Finland due to the longevity of the team and the correct course of competition. All the while Finland is progressing and now the team is playing.

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