A hopeful prediction! This is what midsummer weather looks like right now

In midsummer in Finland, we enjoy a bright and long night, but the weather forecast is still uncertain.

Midsummer bonfires are celebrated in very warm weather.

At the Midsummer Festival, mosquitoes buzz. But in what weather?

Weather forecast Christian Roin The weather forecast says it will weaken already by the end of next week.

Midsummer will be celebrated within two weeks of 21-22. June.

– So no word yet on the Midsummer weekend. It will warm up next weekend, but we’ll see if it’s warm enough there [juhannusviikonlopulle] Asti.

The weather is unstable this week. Rain and thunderstorms are expected daily across the country, with temperatures dropping to 15 degrees.

Thunderstorms may be heard on Monday, especially in the central part of the country. In the south, the weather turns sunny after a rainy morning. The daytime temperature is 13-18 degrees.

Showers across the country on Tuesday and the sun will be more visible in the south. Thunderstorms are likely to occur over central and northern parts of the country. Temperature 15-20 degrees.

On Wednesday, fresh rain will come from the south and move to the eastern part of the country during the day. Rain and thundershowers will occur across the country. Temperatures are 15-20 degrees, cooler in rainy areas.

The monthly forecast is promising

Despite the unsettled week, if you’re looking forward to midsummer, the monthly forecast from the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts looks promising.

According to the forecast, mid-summer weather will be slightly warmer than normal. Rainfall during the year is normal.

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– Practically speaking, the monthly forecast suggests a warmer-than-average midsummer week, Roen says.

The forecast does not tell about the weather for individual days, but about the average temperature for the week. For example, accurate information about the weather on Midsummer’s Eve and Day can only be obtained from later forecasts.

– So there is hope that a warm period will be known, but no real prediction can be made yet.

The Midsummer sauna is part of the Nightless Night tradition. In old folk traditions, there are different versions of tantras after the Midsummer bath, for example, you run naked in meadows or ditches. Still not sure in what weather it can be done. Linda Randanen

Midsummer Eve faith

A rainy week is good for those who dream of a traditional summer bonfire. In ancient times, the purpose of torches was to ward off evil spirits.

– Today, this rain fell and there was enough water to soak the soil. A week of heavy rain now gives hope that no bushfire warning will be in effect.

Department of Meteorology from the page Sees valid alerts for five days at a time. The Finnish Meteorological Agency issues wildfire warnings when the terrain is dry, and open fires are not allowed.

As of June 13, the last day of the currently visible warnings, only a handful of provinces have a wildfire warning in effect.

– However, Roin emphasizes that this depends on the weather conditions during the first week of summer.

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