About 200 million euros will be cut from the top – the task force is still controversial

The Parliamentary Working Committee aims to get the presentation to parliamentary committees on Wednesday.

The Yle Link Tower in Basilea. Under Leesima

According to Iltalehti, it is proposed to cut around 200 million euros from Yle. Surgery is spread over several years.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the Alliance Matias Marttinen A committee led by representatives from all parliamentary parties will brief parliamentary committees on Yle’s funding on Wednesday. Parliamentary committees meet on Thursdays.

According to Iltalehdi, the cut motion on the table includes a three-year index freeze and an increase in Yle’s reduced 10 percent value-added tax to 14 percent in 2026.

Index freeze means funds do not increase in line with cost of living increases.

The Working Group disagreed

Martinen’s task force disagreed with Yle’s cuts.

According to the Left Alliance, 200 million euros is the biggest cut. Some parties, on the other hand, prefer big cuts, and in their opinion, the proposed option will limit the growth of Yle’s costs.

He first spoke about the completion of the presentation by the Parliamentary Working Committee Democrat.

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