Aki Kaurismäki is boring Finland’s leadership

Film director Aki Kaurismaki sent an open letter to the environmental movement Elokabina.

Elokabina got a famous supporter in Aki Kaurismaki. snapshot-photo

Film director Aki Kaurismaki has shown his support for Elokabina with an open letter. Elokabina’s storm warning campaign starts next week, and several demonstrations will be held in Helsinki in June.

– I elocapina want to gain strength in the fight against a superior but internal hollow enemy, faceless capital and sheer low knowledge (the cellulose industry and the government, read this and previous ones). Finland’s nature and everything is for sale to the lowest bidder, the birds can’t find a nesting tree, while we are suffocating and all means (except violence) are allowed, Kaurismäki begins his letter.

– It is quite clear that the running boys and girls who “run” our country do not understand evolution as well as the fact that trees will leave us. Humans are the only true aliens on our planet.

Gourismäki also promises to participate in paying possible fines.

– I hereby publicly pledge to participate forcefully in paying fines that may result from peaceful demonstrations (for vandalism against nature destruction) (pending prosecution for incitement). Ahead! Venceremos!

Elokabina calls on the government to reduce all subsidies that harm the environment and comply with climate legislation.

Aki Kaurismäki is one of Finland’s most famous film directors. Kaurismaki Dead leaves It has received worldwide acclaim and won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival last May. However, the film was left without an Oscar nomination in January.

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