Alajrvi 4H Association employed five young people in Dimitio in Soiin Borasuo.

Taimiteko hired young people in Soin’s Porrassuo this summer for planting work, which was done by hard-working young people who had just finished primary school. The area is now fully cultivated and youth will be employed to maintain the nursery in the future.

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Sun, scorching sun, mosquitoes and rain – all this was enough for five ninth-graders when they were involved in a forest planting project through the Alajrvi 4H Association in Soins Borasuo.

Although reforestation is not an easy task, no Oscar Huila, Oscar Wudenma, Andy Wurenma, Bertie Hakomaki And Eero Ala-Mattinen Complained. They came to work regularly on time, and when the 8,000 saplings project began, it was agreed that each youth would plant the same number of saplings. fair game.

This summer, all the youth working in forestry are boys, but in previous summers women have also been involved. Two of the working youths are from Soin, one from Alajarvi and two from Lehtimaki.

The Taimiteko operation of the 4H organization is now in its sixth year and the fourth in Soini. A total of 8,020 saplings were planted at the Borasu planting site.

By the end of the summer, about 900,000 seedlings had been planted across the country in Taitio, and about 750 young people were involved in planting. Growing forests act as carbon sinks and learning environments for children and youth.

Mari Kaunisto, executive director of the Alajärvi 4H association, says that 4H’s Taimiteko activity employs young people and increases the carbon sink of Finnish forests by planting saplings in areas that have not been under forestry or agriculture for decades or have left peat production. The most important thing is youth employment that’s why 4H association has bought these areas to employ youth.

Four hectares of spruce saplings were planted at the Borasuo planting site in Soin this summer. After this, the old peat production area of ​​Porrassuo is fully cultivated and already next autumn, suitable 4H entrepreneurs are being sought for the first time to make hay, mainly for nursery maintenance.

In the future, the region will continue to place young people in nursery care.

Taimiteko partners make the activity possible

By donating seedlings, companies and other stakeholders can fulfill their social responsibility in a tangible way. Growing trees binds carbon dioxide from the air, thus limiting climate change.

Individuals can also participate in Thymideko by donating saplings through Thymikouba.

The seedlings planted at Soin’s Porrassuo planting site have been donated by Best Caravan Oy, Avance Asianajotoimisto Oy and Logicor.

The national youth organization 4H’s Taimiteko operations employ people under 18, mainly young people who have finished primary school, to increase the carbon sink of Finland’s forests.

The local 4Yhyhdistykte is responsible for recruiting young people and leading the work.

Tuula Jokiaho


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