“All the talk about beer is true”

Some of the Canadian players took the top spot in Prague.

Brandon Danev is looking forward to what Prague restaurants have to offer. Jenny is the host

Before the start of the Ice Hockey World Cup, this time Canada and USA are said to be serious. The reason is the appearance of the four-nation tournament next winter, when the NHL will play on the star screen.

That’s why Canada and the United States have put together exceptionally strong teams. There will be ruthless competition for playing spots next winter.

However, the rules of the game for the Canadian team in Prague included zero tolerance for nightlife. This has been confirmed by the attacker Brandon Thanev.

In several World Cup springs, North American teams have also reportedly visited the entertainment side.

– We will go to restaurants and I’m looking forward to seeing what the food culture is like in Europe. We will definitely go again when our families visit.

Do you like Czech beer?

– Yes, I like it. Fortunately, I was able to test a pair. Everything I heard earlier was true.

So drinking beer isn’t prohibited by your group’s rules.

– Yes. We are all professionals. We know what is expected of us. We may drink beer at dinner, but first we are here to represent our country.

By the way, did you have time to explore Prague?

– We went to explore the old city a bit. We took the subway there and it was a great place. Some of our players were at the football match yesterday. In between you will have more time to explore the city on the following days.

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So they were at the Prague football derby?

– Yes.

Do you know where they got the tickets? The match was sold out some time ago.

– No problem. Just ask them.

A sticky start

Superstar John Tavares immediately slapped his chest with a C bar. Jenny is the host

Tanev, who represents NHL club Seattle Kraken, is playing in his first career World Cup match.

– When I was invited to the national team I could not refuse.

The star center of the Toronto Maple Leafs joined Canada John Tavares. Despite the fear, the beginning stuck. Canada beat Great Britain 4-2 and Denmark 5-1.

– No team can be underestimated. Likewise, Denmark and Great Britain have their country’s best players with them.

– I don’t care at all. We have a great team of players. “The chains were mixed a bit in the Denmark game and we were able to create more scoring chances,” Tanev said.

Super promise included

NHL’s most promising Connor Bedard scored four goals in two World Cup games. Jenny is the host

Last summer’s first booking in the NHL Connor Bedard Participates in the first Men’s WC tournament of his career. As in previous years, the 18-year-old striker struggled a bit when Iltalehti asked if the group still went out to restaurants or bars.

– Well… I guess that’s a good thing. Spending time with a group is fun no matter what you do. I don’t know how to answer.

Prague had an impact on the Canadian.

– We have only been here for two days, but everything is fine. The city is beautiful. Prague has been a good tournament host. Looking forward to exploring the city more.

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