An ugly scene at the European Championships in Rome

Iltalehti compiles the most interesting three points in the European Athletics Championships every day. Here are the points for Saturday.

Completely empty

Alley Sylvenoinan

The scene at the Rome Olympic Stadium during the morning session on the opening day of the Games was grim. According to a rough estimate, there were two thousand spectators in the arena. Even student tickets priced at 1 euro or adult tickets priced at 5-9 euros did not move the crowd. Even in Munich 2022 the morning races didn’t have tens of thousands, but the opening session in Rome, quote below.

The stands of the Stadio Olimpico were also empty during Friday evening’s session. Leasima below

Seppo was disappointed

Ardo Brewer

A story comes to mind when the World Cup was held in Rome in 1987. Seppo Ratti threw 78.22 meters in the qualifiers. Convinced that the result was not good enough for the finals, Seppo went to the hotel disappointed. In the canteen, Juha Dianen shouted “Sepo, you are throwing in the final”. Seppo was not convinced at first. In the end, he won the world championship.

Take your time

Lassie Quisma

The Italians took no pressure off the European Championship preparations. The races last six days, and apparently the organizers thought from day one that not everything had to be in the miter box. Lota Harala reports that runners did not get water during the Friday morning session. The answer came because it was the first day. Transportation of athletes was delayed and results service was temporarily suspended during the evening session on Friday. Maybe over the weekend or early in the week things will settle down?

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