An unprecedented tactic by the Finnish team in the largest NATO exercise in its field

Estonia's defense minister praises turnaround in cyber security training

Corporal Ida Pertila participated in Locked Shields Special Training. Defense forces

Defense alliance NATO's cybersecurity exercise took an unexpected turn.

Some teams began to expand cooperation in a way that had not been the case in previous special exercises.

Organized by the NATO Center for Cyber ​​Capabilities (CCDOE), the Locked Shields exercise is competitive in nature. Different teams fight real-time cyber attacks of their opposing teams.

In the 2024 training, the teams expanded their cooperation.

– They showed that real strength lies in fostering collaboration to improve shared security, rather than competing to win training, CCDOE said. Bulletin Let's shine.

The Finnish group expanded cooperation.

– Blue teams have formed broad alliances to share information on common threats and early warning signs, led by the Austria-Switzerland and Finland-Poland teams, CCDOE says.

A special training was organized in Estonia. The country's defense minister, Hanno Pevkur, applauds the turnaround in training.

– International cooperation in cyberspace is the key to success, says Pevkur.

Locked Shields is one of the world's most in-demand and advanced cyber security training courses.

In 2024, Latvia, the Finland-Poland team and the Estonia-France team, which competed with NATO divisions, collected the most points.

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