Arrest of Viertola murder suspect caught on video – IL News: Family with children at center of tragedy

Police were dispatched to a private apartment complex in Vanda by an emergency center around eight o’clock on Wednesday evening. Although first aid was given at the spot, he died.

Police in Ita-Uzima were on Wednesday evening conducting several patrols in relation to a murder in Tikurila, Wanda. According to Iltalehti, the exact location is located in Wierdola, a part of Tikurila. A suspected violent crime is being investigated as a murder.

According to an eyewitness contacted by Iltalehti, several emergency vehicles including various police patrols and an ambulance were at the scene after eight o’clock on Wednesday evening.

– All the lights were on, that’s why I noticed something was happening, says an eyewitness who lives in the area.

According to an eyewitness, two police officers had a lengthy conversation with the man in the civilian police car, after which the handcuffed man was transferred to another police car.

– At one point, an investigation car came clear and there were policemen wearing those white protective suits, he narrates.

According to Iltalehti, the center of the tragedy was a family with children. According to the police, the victim is an adult and the accused and the victim knew each other from before.

– Children often played in the yard, played football and other things, otherwise I do not know the family. Eyewitness says I never saw a man before and don’t remember seeing mother, nor did I notice.

He estimates the family’s children are of primary school age.

Murder investigation

Police arrested the suspect in the crime scene from the apartment. Johnny Korbela

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Police were called to the private apartment via the emergency center around 8 p.m.

– Violent crime victim dies at scene despite first aid, says head of inquiry, Crime Commissioner Channa Rendola Bulletin.

– Police arrested the suspect involved in the crime from the apartment. According to police, the victim and the suspect knew each other from before.

When contacted by Iltalehdi, Rendola did not provide any details about the case. He did not comment on why the case is being investigated as a murder case. Investigations are not over yet, he says.

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