At the European Championships, two raids, previously only France, were unleashed – the most feared attack today | game

Young and talented players have given the European Football Championship an explosive start. The trend could continue when England play their first match on Sunday.

Spain’s Fabian Ruiz scored a 2-0 win in Croatia’s net. Kua: Getty Images

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Young, fast wingers are the kings of the field

Spain and Italy will compete in Group B each in Saturday night’s goal celebration.

Cobwebs – all the time, and from the beginning. That was the formula for the first two days of the European Football Championship.

Albania and Italy opened the scoring within ten minutes. Germany and Switzerland needed less than a quarter. In three of the four matches played on Friday and Saturday, the winner scored at least three, and Croatia were the only losers to remain goalless. In all matches, at least two goals have been scored in the first half.

A total of 16 wins from the first four matches.

– Modern football in action. Let’s try to break behind the line with two movements and the ball. Through it form is stretched and situations are created. I don’t think these many goals are seen in the full range of games, but a lot more, Yle Urheilu’s expert Mehmet Hetemaj Aha 11 friends on Sunday’s episode of the podcast.

Albania’s opening goal against Italy was the fastest in European Championship history.
In the end, Italy beat Albania 2–1. Here are the match highlights.

This is not surprising as previous European championships have consistently seen more goals scored. A total of 142 goals were scored in this match. The average of 2.78 goals per match is the highest since 1980, when the finals began to be played between four nations.

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Right now the sample is still small, but the numbers are strong. At the same time, the results were often one-sided. Germany won by four goals and Switzerland by two goals. Spain’s margin was three goals.

Switzerland beat Hungary 3-1. In this video, the best moments of the match.

What happens when the competition’s most dangerous attacking teams step up? France don’t play until Monday and Portugal on Tuesday, but England open the tournament tonight with a match against Serbia.

England’s biggest strength – at least on paper – is its ferocious attacking power. Harry Kane The target should be king. Bugayo Saka, Bill Foden And the partners continue the trend of young, nimble dockyards seen from Spain and Germany.

– In general, young people are given more opportunities at an earlier stage. That’s why more and more young stars are on display and they are also shining in the European Championships. That credit requires a strategic overhaul in the country and the team, if not more. Now, even at a young age, Hetemaj feels he can carry the team on his back.

A renewed and reinvigorated Spain was Saturday’s official guarantee, bringing the traditionally strong defensive pack of a familiar and secure Croatia to its knees. Spain scored three goals in 18 minutes of play and gave a great example of their speedy and efficient use of wings.

Spain celebrates scoring against Croatia.

Dani Carvajal (#2) also managed to score for the first time in his ten-year national team career. Photo: UEFA via Getty Images

Spain had dominated the opposition for 136 consecutive matches before Croatia broke the streak. The last time Spain lost possession was in the final of the 2008 European Championship. On Saturday he made history as the youngest player at the European Championships – immediately scoring a goal – Lamin Yamal Born two weeks after that game.

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Striker Alvaro Morata His career tally tallied seven European Championship goals – only Portugal managed to achieve more Cristiano Ronaldo (14 goals) and France Michael Platini (9 goals).

– Much thought By Nico Williams And Yamal gives a difficult position. They had already played in the national team, but the European Championship is a different matter, and the expectations are very low, especially for the latter team, so the pressure is high. It is the same here as in Germany. They took charge and created a threat that Croatia needed to contain. Meanwhile, others gained ground, Morata punished, Marcus Hulsty Explain.

Alvaro Morata started Spain’s party early.
Highlights of the opening group match between Spain and Croatia.

Until Friday, a three-goal lead at half-time had only happened twice in European Championship history. By the end of Saturday, it had already doubled. Apart from Germany on Friday and Spain on Saturday, only France has run away from an opponent quicker all season – against Belgium in 1984 and Iceland in 2016. France won the title twice.

None of the favorites have failed yet. Surely that won’t happen now when it comes time for England’s long-awaited opening match?

– Everyone seems to want England to be number one. So is it heavy clothing? Maybe because they haven’t won a match in a while. However, I believe England will take care of the job at home on Sunday, says Hulsty.

– Serbian Alexander Mitrovic Going to score, but not enough for anything. That offensive arsenal, says Hedemaj, predicts that it will not be kept at zero with that Serbian defense. of Jude Bellingham England’s opening goal on eight minutes.

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So the celebrations of young bright stars and fast goals will continue.

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European Football Championship in Germany 14.6.–14.7. All matches are live on Yle channels. Go to the competition website from this link. Games will follow moment by moment In this article.

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