Belgian F-16 fighter jets to arrive in Ukraine “as soon as possible” – praise for Sweden’s giant package

Belgium has already promised to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine this year. However, the delivery of fighters included a condition: they should not fly over Russian territory.

Our aim is to deliver the first flight by the end of 2024,” said the Prime Minister Alexander de Crewe He says.

Among other things, they reported on this matter Politics Mixed Uractive, the background of which is the defense agreement signed by Belgium and Ukraine. Belgium has pledged to provide a total of 30 US F-16 fighter jets to the country to defend itself against Russia.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky And Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Groove agreed to 977 million euros in military support this year.

The fighter jets have already been announced for December 2023, but their exact number is yet to be made public. The exact delivery schedule is still unknown, but according to Prime Minister de Groove, the fighter jets will be delivered to Ukraine “as soon as possible.”

According to Prime Minister de Groove, whether the next Belgian government will support them is crucial to the delivery of fighter jets. Parliamentary elections will be held in the country in June.

President Zelenskyi has long sought F-16 fighter jets from the West. Thanking De Groot for the military support provided by Belgium, he emphasized how Vladimir Putin Accelerating the destruction of Ukraine.

The biggest support package ever from Sweden

Sweden has also announced €1.16 billion in military support to Ukraine. Associated Press Accordingly, this is the largest support package provided by Sweden to date. The support package includes, among others, air defense supplies, artillery ammunition and armored vehicles.

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“It has items at the top of Ukraine’s priority list,” Sweden’s deputy prime minister said. Ebba Bush He says.

Minister of Defense of Sweden Paul Johnson Sweden insists Sweden has not sent JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine. According to Johnson, Ukraine is now focused on implementing the F-16 program, and Sweden may later participate in support with the Gripen system.

Instead, Sweden will provide Ukraine with an ASC 890 surveillance aircraft, which, according to Johnson, will give Ukraine new capabilities to identify air and sea targets. Johnson writes X in service Sweden will provide Ukraine with all of its PBV 302 personnel carriers and additional armored vehicles for the military.

Researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute Minna Allander appreciates X in service With its actions, Sweden is showing leadership in supporting Ukraine and hopes the rest of Europe will follow suit.

Although the support came now, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov He says to Reuters, half of the military support it needs will arrive late. According to Umero, Russia is now sending more and more soldiers and equipment to the front line.

“We will tolerate it, but of course we need more weapons, more firepower and longer-range missiles,” Umerov said, according to Reuters.

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