Berry boss should be jailed for gross human trafficking – he fed Berry Pickers soup made from salmon heads

Giantama’s CEO has been charged with 62 counts of serious human trafficking.

According to prosecutors, the movements of the berry pickers were tracked by GPS locators installed in the cars. Jiri Salonen

Prosecutors asked Berry, the CEO of the company, Giantama Vernu Vasunalle A minimum of 3-4 years of non-parole imprisonment for aggravated human trafficking, it says STD.

According to the subpoena, Vasunda was charged with 62 counts of aggravated human trafficking. His mother’s business partner has also been charged.

The trial began Tuesday with a preparatory session in Lapland District Court. Vasundha previously denied any wrongdoing.

Salmon head soup

The berry pickers arrived in Finland in July 2022. STT says camp staff collected the pickers’ passports and return flight tickets.

According to the challenge application, the berry pickers had to work very long hours. The movements of the berry pickers were tracked using GPS locators.

According to prosecutors, the living conditions of most of the berry pickers are dire. Poachers are given poor quality food, for example soup made from salmon heads.

– One fish head per picker per meal counts, the challenge application says.

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