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Voting takes place today in the second and decisive round of France’s parliamentary elections.

Organizations are buoyed by the fact that the far-right National Alliance has won the first round and is starting from the first positions to date.

First, the Green-Left Alliance positions itself as a counter force to the National Alliance. A week ago, the left was the second best, while support for the electoral coalition led by President Emmanuel Macron was the third highest.

Parliamentary elections are already underway after Macron dissolved the country’s parliament after his party lost EU elections in June.

In particular, there is tension in the lower house of Parliament, namely the National Assembly, whether the far-right alliance will get an absolute majority. An absolute majority requires 289 out of 577 seats.

Voting for the second round began on Saturday in France’s overseas territories. Voting will be held till 8 pm today, the official election day.

A historic victory is claimed for the far right

According to the latest polls published on Friday, the National Alliance led by Marine Le Pen’s successor, Jordan Bartella, will not win an absolute majority. According to polling firms Ipsos and Ifop, the far-right coalition could win 170-210 seats, while the left-wing coalition New People’s Front 145-175 seats.

Macron’s centrist electoral coalition was predicted to win between 118 and 148 seats, a significant drop from the 250 seats in the outgoing National Assembly. However, Macron is expected to remain in office until the April 2027 presidential election.

Tensions are rising

In France, tensions have risen since the National Coalition won the first round of voting.

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of French Interior Minister Gérald Dorman By More than 50 candidates and activists were abused during the election campaign.

– This campaign is short, yet we already have 51 candidates, representatives and activists who have been physically assaulted, Dormanin told BFMTV on Friday.

According to Dharman, more than 30 people have been arrested, including far-right and left-wing activists.

The Home Minister has announced that 30,000 policemen will be deployed for security during the second phase of elections.

Strong statements from football stars

Kylian Mbappe, captain of the French national soccer team, commented on the political situation in France on Thursday as the team prepares for Friday’s match against Portugal at the European Championship.

– Now if ever we had to vote. “We cannot leave our country in the hands of these people,” Mbappe told a press conference in Hamburg.

Mbappe did not directly mention the far-right National Alliance, which won the opening round. However, Mbappe was humorous in his response to a reporter who tried to get his attention by gesturing to the left of the hall.

Mbappe also showed his support for France striker Marcus Durham as he appealed to young voters to prevent the National Alliance from winning ahead of the first round of elections.

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