Calle Rowanbere at breakneck speed – Rude trick from race partner

The World Rally Championship is underway in Poland. Iltalehti follows the events of Saturday in this story.

World Cup rallies in Poland continue on Saturday. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

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Poland World Cup Rally

I am 13/19

1. Kalle Rowanbere, Toyota 1:40:35.8

2. Andreas Mikkelsen, Hyundai +2.8

3. Elfin Evans, Toyota +9.3

4. Adrian Formax, M-Sport +20.3

5. Martinš Sesks, M-Sport +40.9

6. Thierry Neuville, Hyundai +49.6

7. Gregoire Munster, M-Sport +1:06.9

8. Takamoto Katsuta, Toyota +1:15.5

9. Sami Bajari, Toyota WRC2 +4:28.7

I am 13

Kalle Rowanbere Continues to top the World Rally Championship as Finn sets record time with 13 EK. Rowanbere was the second fastest Andreas Mikkelsenia 0.1 seconds faster.

– It could have been a better race. Let’s see if soft tires were the right choice. Conditions are difficult for tyres, commented Rovanperä after EK.

Second in rally Elfin Evans The British driver was unlucky at the end of the EK when the rear tire of his car broke. In the end, Evans was 8.9 seconds slower than Rowenber. At the start of the EK, there was only 0.4 seconds between Rovanperä and Evans, so the Finn was able to make up for the increased gap due to a flat tyre.

Evans was frustrated after EK, and the driver gassed out of the interview venue when the reporter came to ask for comment.

I am 12

Special Stage 12 was run at the Mikolajki Arena 1, which runs on a two and a half kilometer track in front of the public.

A special test was conducted where two cars were simultaneously traveling in their own lane.

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This caused jitters for the special test while leading the race Kalle Rowanbere And Elfin Evans drove at the same time.

The Finn managed to extend his lead to 0.4 seconds as he beat his rival and set a record time.

– Asentaja-Ansi from Finland sent a message saying that he will put new stickers on the drifting car and if I don’t win this clip I won’t release the film, Rovenpere revealed after the clip.

A third difference To Andreas Mikkelsen It increased to 2.7 seconds in 12th special exam.

ME 11

Calle Rowanbere continued his strong performance in the third special test of the day. The man was not satisfied with his good performance.

– Not enough time. Must be very fast. It was scary driving fast breaks you didn’t know. Vittos gear, full special test.

Rowanbera’s time was third fastest at EK. Only Andreas Mikkelsen and Elfin Evans were ahead of him. Finn Michelson was 2.4 seconds behind.

In the overall race, Rowanbere continues to lead, while Evans is a tenth and Michaelsen 2.2 seconds adrift. So the tip is incredibly smooth.

I am 10

Kalle Rowanbere has had a fantastic ride in the Polish World Rally Championship. The Finn clocked the tenth qualifying bottom time of 9:33.9.

Rowanbera’s car had collected the grass of the great Dugo.

– I try to stay on the road, and even then I don’t always succeed. I misremembered a turn, but it hurts when you don’t remember all the same places, Rowanbere concluded.

The Finn pushed himself to the top of the overall standings by 1.4 seconds with Elfin Evans, who is also driving brilliantly in Poland.

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Andreas Mikkelsen, who started the day in the lead, had to step on the gas as he trailed Rowanbera by 5.1 seconds in the special stage, leaving him 4.6 seconds behind in the overall race.

I am 9

Kalle Rovanperä set the bottom time of the ninth special stage by 0.9 seconds to Elfin Evans. In the overall race, the Finn is just half a second behind Norway’s Andreas Mikkelsen.

Saturday’s first special was temporarily halted because the audience was in the wrong place.

During the day yesterday, several special tests were interrupted and two were even cancelled, when visitors were constantly in the wrong place.

Hit a deer yesterday and stopped because of it Thanks there The special exam started on Saturday. Only after him Takamoto Katsuda And Thierry Neuville Must drive in special test from Saturday.

– It was nice to be able to ride on at least one stage, Tanak smiled as he reached the finish line.

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