Can asylum seekers be turned away from the border in an emergency? Morning executive board meeting again principle

The report is not expected to be completed yet in the morning.

When Executive Committee member Ben Zizkovich (coordinator) went into the meeting, he did not believe the report would be completed by morning. Photo: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikva

Anna Lutonen,

Pietu Heiskanen

The Executive Committee of the Parliament continues to work on the report on the Conversion Act in the morning.

Member of the Board of Directors Ben Zizkovich (co.) said in the morning that the matter had progressed as meetings were held daily, but it was not yet ready.

He did not believe that the report would be ready by morning.

– Personally, I don’t think the product is likely to arrive at that time, Zizkovic told Yle at 9.

The work of the Committee will be disrupted as the entire Parliament meets at 10 am. The President’s Council meets before the session to discuss the day’s schedule.

According to Zyskowicz, the team has prepared for the fact that work will continue throughout the day.

This is what it’s all about

The committee is trying to tweak the government’s proposal to get enough of a majority behind the legislation. Urgent passage of emergency legislation requires the approval of five-sixths of MPs in a plenary session, a majority which has already been confirmed in committee.

The law would make it possible for asylum applications to be rejected at the border if Russian-instrumented entry threatens Finland’s security or self-determination.

Normally, at this time, the parliament is already on summer vacation, but now they are trying to quickly draft a law to protect the border.

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The SDP has not accepted the government’s proposal as it is, but demands that the executive committee change the government’s proposal. The Constitutional Law Commission has requested that the law be included with the possibility of a petition or application to amend the decision.

With the Greens and the Left Coalition approaching the legislation with reservations, SDP MPs are determined to pass the legislation. R.K.P. It has given independence to its representatives.

The Constitutional Law Committee, like the government, considers the bill to be in conflict with Finland’s constitution and international treaties binding Finland.

However, according to the committee, this does not preclude enacting a temporary exemption law.

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