Can Dems Repeal Conversion Act? Tuppurainen uploaded three requirements to support the frame at A-Studio | A studio

The chairman of the Constitutional Law Committee, Heikki Westmann (co.c.), is concerned about what could follow from repealing the law.

According to Heikki Westmany, despite criticism from experts, the Conversion Act is necessary. Photo: Yle

Chairman of the Constitutional Law Commission Heikki from Westman (Joint) In an A-Studio interview on Wednesday, he was repeatedly asked if he was concerned about the fallout of the government’s conversion law.

On the fourth occasion, in the Great Hall of Parliament, Westman finally responded that every MP should be held accountable for the voting decision and its consequences.

– Of course, I am concerned about what consequences the collapse of the law will have on Finland’s security.

The Constitutional Committee’s opinion on the controversial conversion law was concluded on Tuesday. Almost all experts consulted by the committee consider the law to be in violation of international treaties and EU laws.

The Exclusion Act is intended to prevent instrumental entry into the country. A five-sixths majority in parliament is needed to pass the law, so it needs the SDP’s support.

Chairman of the SDP Parliamentary Committee I cursed and swept away A-Studio made three demands so that the party could stand behind the law.

According to Thuppurainan, the amendments proposed by the Constitutional Law Commission should be made in the law. According to the committee, a negative asylum decision can be appealed.

The second demand is to clarify procedures at the border to improve the legal protection of border guards. As a third issue, Tuppuranen raises that the constitutional committee should verify the amendments made by the executive committee.

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– In this way, it is possible to ensure that the Articles drafted in the Executive Committee meet the requirements of the Constitutional Law Committee.

Westman said he thought it was important that the SDP’s views were taken seriously in the executive committee. Thupparainan thanked Westman for this.

Among the opposition, the central government said it viewed the bill favorably, while the Greens and the Left coalition criticized it.

If a referendum is held on the Conversion Act, the ruling RKP

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