Capitals captain Ovechkin is proud of his team

The Washington Capitals, who lost their first playoff series in four straight games to the New York Rangers, held their final press conference of the season on Tuesday. Captain Alexander Ovechkin, naturally, took the field in front of the media.

– I am proud of this team because we had to go through all kinds of things during the season. There were ups and downs and injuries, but we still tried to get into the playoffs. The season was fun but tough. The season was good for players who played the entire regular season and still gained experience in the playoffs, Ovechkin said.

Chasing Wayne Gretzky's all-time goal record (894), the captain's season got off to a rough start and he had just seven wins by the end of the calendar year.

– And then I was afraid that I would be deceived. “Thankfully I'm still here,” Ovechkin muttered.

Finally, the goal boards were opened, and Ovechkin was his team's leading scorer with 31 wins by the end of the regular season. However, in the playoffs, the momentum froze again, and he did not record a single power point in four playoff games.

– When you look at the season as a whole, it didn't go well for me. “I tried to find ways to improve my game,” Ovechkin said.

Capitals GM Brian McClellan offered his own take on the ups and downs in the captain's hold.

– He has periods ahead of him that will show his talents are in reserve. He plays well, moves well and scores goals. But with a tough schedule for the 38-year-old, there will be quieter periods. We travel a lot and play every day or so. It is difficult for older players to keep their performance level consistently good.

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Ovechkin has two seasons left on his contract and needs 42 more goals to pass Gretzky on the NHL's all-time scoring list.

– Breaking that record would be nice, but still needs 42 goals. It's plenty. But if I play healthy it is possible, he thought.

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