Clendening and Baptiste leave Tampere for Russian rubles – LIIGA – 29.05.2024 – News –

Adam Clendening31, and Nick Baptiste, 28, will move to KHL teams for the upcoming season. Glendenning Kunlun has signed a one-year deal with Red Star, while Baptiste’s club for the upcoming season is Widjas.

Both players are familiar to Liiga watchers as cornerstones of Tampere clubs.

Last season, Clendening shone in the Elves’ defense with 8+20 in 40 regular season matches. In the playoffs, the American played five matches and scored three goals. The completed season was the veteran defender’s first outside of North America.

German newspaper Build The powerful defender had previously said he would be representing Eisbern Berlin next season, but the club have not confirmed a deal at any point.

Baptiste, on the other hand, has played a total of 102 regular season matches for both the Ilves and Dappara, in which he has scored 35 goals and assisted on 27 goals. In the playoffs, the new Finnish champion has played 29 matches with an output of 7+4.

The KHL is known as a league that attracts European and North American players with lucrative contracts. Since Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine, the series’ popularity has declined, and few Western players choose to play there anymore. Transfers from the league to the Ruble Bowls are especially rare, although many foreign players who played in the league during Russia’s military operations moved to the KHL.

Story edited on May 29, 2024 at 10:15 p.m.: Clarified that several foreign players have moved from the Liiga to the KHL.

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