Clint Eastwood's health worried many – and this is what he looks like today

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood was recently spotted in his hometown of Carmel, California.

Clint Eastwood has rarely been seen in public in recent years. AOP

The actor and director are rarely seen in public Clint Eastwood93, made a surprise appearance in her hometown of Carmel, California.

Glass– Magazine, Eastwood had Jane Goodall The Reasons to Believe conference was organized on March 24 to mark the woman's 90th birthday. The man reportedly sat in the front row at the event and went to the back room after the speech to speak with Gudall. British media described the actor as lively and in a smiling mood.

Clint Eastwood was talking to Jane Goodall in the back room. AOP

Clint Eastwood reportedly appeared in good spirits. AOP

There has been speculation about Eastwood's health after not being seen in public for more than 450 days. The Hollywood star was last seen in public in February 2022 when she attended a golf tournament at Pebble Beach Golf Club in California.

Doubts about the actor's health increased when he did not participate in a golf tournament one day. Scott– His son was playing. The tournament in question was at Eastwood's favorite golf course, located four kilometers from his home.

Speculation ran rampant, with some claiming the Hollywood legend had died. However, fact-checking service Snopes proved the rumors false in October 2023.

Currently, Eastwood is directing a film with the working title Jury no. 2. The film will mark the end of Eastwood's 70-year career. The film follows a jury member embroiled in a murder trial. As the investigation progresses, the main character realizes that he may be responsible for the death discussed in the investigation. Movie stars included Nicholas Holt And Tony Collette.

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