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Javelin legend, coach Earth Bitcomaki Rome’s Stadio Olimpico has experienced a range of emotions, from shock to overwhelming joy.

On July 13, 2007, the Nordic champion’s javelin slipped from the Finn’s hand, drowning the French long jumper. Salim Woman Liver and kidney, the man’s life was saved in the hospital.

After 17 years, Pitgameggi was delighted to be a coach in the coach’s position at the European Championships. Oliver Helanderin From the European Championships bronze, to Finland, in eighth place.

At worst, what seemed like an eternal project is at least halfway done, and Helander’s prestigious debut, namely EC-Berlin 2018, is still Finland’s only EC program without a medal.

Just for a while

Pitcomaghie won two EC bronzes, but her first competition medal was an EC silver at Gothenburg 2006. Ilmajokinen was already the pre-sovereign favorite for the World Championship final, and a first tournament medal in seven events was only a matter of time away. .

For Oliver Helander, it certainly isn’t.

In the summer of 2023, Oliver Helander had an area that would be his first challenge throughout his playing career: his throwing arm. Photo: Ari Houtamaki

Losing the first two rounds on Wednesday, the man’s history did not disappoint.

A bit random

To put it better, the third or most decisive performance of the Finn-Swede, who recorded a slightly uneven value competition record in the qualification rounds or finals of the value competitions, produced such results: 76.64, exceeded, exceeded, exceeded.

Now the third attempt, 85.75, was measured as worthy of a bronze medal, all for a reason.

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This throw resulted in a bronze medal at the European Championships.

Hellander’s story has been told many times. Karelian handball legend Jan Helanderin The gifted and athletic boy took up javelin as a side sport in the 2010s but dreamed of becoming a professional volleyball player in the money-rich top leagues of Central Europe, where his younger brother Benjamin Cleared the way.

The mood changed in 2016, and when handball was at the loss of the spear, both the athletic and handball communities trembled: one with joy, the other with surprise.

In 2018, the 21-year-old Helander scored 88.02 in the 22nd match of his career. In comparison, the Finnish world champions Aki Crowd girl Such a result required 88 races with the 800-gram tube in hand and 74 races with Pitkamak.

A certain basic skill can be learned from it.

Hard years

So the debut of the prestigious tournament awaited at EC-Berlin 2018, followed by WC-Doha 2019. An exciting stand awaited both times after qualifying. The purge of the first Swedish-speaking prize medalist in Finnish men’s javelin history began on October 24, 2019, when Helander threw 74.62 points in China’s prestigious Wuhan.

Oliver Helander congratulates European Championship gold medalist Jakub Vadlejch.

Jakub Wadledge and Oliver Helander shook hands after the fight stopped. Photo: Tomi Hänninen / Chilipictures

The shoulder affected the entire javelin industry, and both competition and training were compromised one after another. An excellent surgeon Harry Helio He cleaned up his throwing shoulder in early 2020 and Helander did not return to games until June 8, 2021 in Turku PNG.

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At this point, talk of prestigious competition medals seemed like a farce.

Suffering from severe back pain, Helander has missed out on qualifying for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, but when Elastic Kinnussen such as The legend is correct Encouragingly, he dragged himself to the spot.

Enough of Pitkämäki

By this point, Pitkamäki had had enough, having started his coaching career following the Olympics in his native Finland. He gave Ilda-Sanom gave an unusually open human interview about the death spiral of Helander’s life, and openly offered her own coaching expertise in lieu of a boy from her own village who had long collaborated with Helander.

Otherwise, Waterloo will be waiting at the end of the road.

Oliver Helander's achievements were followed by Tero Pitkamäki and Petteri Byronen at the Pao Nurme Games in June 2022.

Calling Tero Pitkamaki after the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games is the smartest decision in Oliver Helander’s sporting career. Photo: Tomi Hänninen / Yle

A prize medal now hangs around Helander’s neck because he read the story and acted on the instructions of the legend he admired.

From Pitkämäki Tapio Harvest, Jorma Kinnussen and is the fourth Finnish thrower since Aki Parviainen to train for a prestigious medal.

Good prophecy

In the Ilta-Sanomie article in question, a specific point shows the philosophy with which Pitkämäki approached the job in the summer of 2021:

“When there are always significant health issues, it doesn’t make sense to set goals for next season all the time because they won’t be fulfilled anyway with injuries. Oliver is probably already thinking about the summer 2024 EC and Olympic Games.”

This does not seem like a bad prophecy now.

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Helander rode his coach with all his soul. The shoulder, a problem toward the end of his career, was tolerated with less power throwing. Already good physical values ​​have been pushed to the limit, and Hellander has also carefully listened to his coach’s instructions regarding competitive activities.

In Rome, we saw some of the longest throws of the championship series, first in qualifying, then in the final and worst of all.

The spark was discovered at a young age

Many athletic fans thought Helander lacked spark and character. I don’t think so since a young man’s throw of about 87.50 meters on June 5, 2018 was not measured in PNG due to an exceptionally accurate throw line referee.

Oliver Helander celebrates EC bronze with the Finnish flag.

The sight is waiting, but the hope was already hard: Oliver Helander’s first prestigious medal. Photo: Tomi Hänninen / Chilipictures

I made the mistake of asking for an interview on the subject when Helander was frantically running from Quisabuisto to his car.

At that time, the refusal came sharp and clearly Swedish, but since then, the first native, who grew up almost as a native, has done a lot of good for the personality of the athlete in a very Finnish-speaking sports family.

Helander’s more understated way of presenting himself in the media is quite unique, with a medal or two, he is a cult athlete.

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