Cool ride! King Charles flatly refuses to meet Prince Harry – expert reveals: ‘He was very upset’

The British royal family has been divided since 2018, with no end in sight.

Prince Harry He traveled to Great Britain in early May to take care of his duties related to the Invictus Games event.

However, he did not meet his father Raja during the journey Charlesia. The cancer-stricken Raja is said to be busy. She returned to her representative duties shortly before her son’s return from sick leave.

Father and son last met in February, when Harry flew from his home in California to see his father after news of his cancer diagnosis.

Prince Harry and his childhood family have been separated for years. Harry told his brother in a recent interview It’s William The bride criticized the choice. In the spring of 2020, Harry and his wife, the Duchess Megan He left his job at the British court and went to America. Since then, Harry and Meghan have publicly criticized the British court.

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Notice ends

Glass Harry now says he was shocked when his father completely refused to see him on the last visit. This was painful for Harry as “everyone knew the real reason”.

Despite hopes for a heartwarming reunion between father and son, the Duke is met with disappointment. To quell any rumours, Prince Harry’s team released a statement clarifying the situation.

“In response to many inquiries and speculation as to whether the Duke will visit his father in the UK this week, unfortunately due to Her Majesty’s full schedule that is unlikely,” Harry’s rep said.

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– Of course, the Duke understands his father’s schedule commitments and other priorities and hopes to see him soon.

The story continues after the announcement

Notice ends

Harry was very shocked

Royal Expert Tom Quinn Harry told The Mirror he was particularly devastated by his father’s public rejection – and it was particularly crushing this time as everyone assumed they would run into each other during his trip to London.

– He was very upset because his father refused to see him. This time the rejection was more painful because it was more public – Harry managed to make a statement that he completely understood why his father didn’t have time to see him, but everyone knew the real reason wasn’t a busy schedule. Quinn analyzed.

Harry spent three days in London and reportedly stayed in a hotel after returning from the royal family’s residences. According to The Times, Harry made the request to meet his father in advance because royal protocol requires advance notice. However, according to Buckingham Palace sources, Harry “changed his mind” about staying and did not request a meeting with his father.

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