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Circular economy, carbon dioxide capture and storage enabling net zero, human rights and the role of data and technology in responsible work.

These are the themes that will be discussed in this year's charge. Come learn, ask questions, and discuss with experts in the field. Read more about our free webinar topics below and register!

Sustainable business with a circular economy

EU legislation, changes in consumer behavior and market potential of billions of euros act as drivers of the circular economy. It is no longer a question of whether the company will join the transition, but when it will join. What are the top 3 tips for integrating the circular economy into a company's business? Watch the webinar recording

Carbon dioxide capture and storage enables net zero

Although the main goal of companies is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to close to zero, and capture and store carbon dioxide is necessary to slow global warming, companies striving for net zero must use capture in practice as the target year approaches. What does capturing and storing carbon dioxide mean in the net zero goal, what kinds of physical mechanisms are currently available for capture and what can we expect in the future? Register for the webinar

Why should every organization be interested in human rights?

Customers and investors are increasingly interested in the fulfillment of human rights in companies' value chains. In addition, EU legislation affects all companies along value chains. Come hear and discuss the importance of human rights to organizations with experts. Register for the webinar

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The role of data and technology in responsible work

As sustainable development becomes increasingly integrated into business strategy, the effective use of data and technology is essential to achieve significant and sustainable impacts. What is the role of data and technology in supporting strategic decisions? Register for the webinar

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