Deana Forsby posted a photo of her bare butt that sent Karija into a frenzy.

At the Portion Boys show, a nude Pojalainen Bailey flashed.

Portion Boys’ Tiina Forsby posted a picture of her bare bottom. Atte Cajoa

Portion Boys Band Tina “Jalotina” Forsby She posted a summer party photo with a surprise feature on her Instagram account.

In the shot, Forsbye is seated in a wheelchair, with the Dootsons visible in the background. HP Parvianen Plain back.

– It’s a fluke, Forsby explains the situation in the title.

– Basic Saturday humps at 2pm with hoojakas and traditional Finnish vuvahus, he writes.

The situation is straight from the Portion Boys Hameenlinna gig. The band performed at the Vanaja festival on Saturday.

– It’s fast. The viewers who saw this scene were happy. When Bojalainen gets a little excited, that’s what our show is all about, Forsby cheers.

You can see the image below or From here.

There have been plenty of comments about the model, and Corija also had time to post his own opinion.

– Good ass, Käärijä comment.

– Had a bit of a man crush, the band Portion Boys commented to Karija.

Tina Forsby ended up in a wheelchair because of a slip. Due to the slip in June, the star suffered from thigh pain, which is why he performed sitting in his concerts.

– Yes, Tina did not suffer from any muscle cramps and fans are praising the star on social media.

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