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Joonas Rinne is aiming for his eighth Finnish championship in the 1,500 meters.

The new 1,500m Finnish record holder Jonas Rinne He is aiming for his eighth Finnish championship in Vaasa on that trip.

Kaleva’s games increase in value when the winning streak is long, so WC games are always on Rinn’s calendar.

At the same time, the competition is important for Sarijärvi’s Bulliston Rinn, considering a possible place at the Paris Olympics.

Considering the ranking points, Rinne should be close to his record time. In addition, the Kaleva games were aimed at gaining the help of gravity.

Rinne knows he’ll have to do the job himself in the final race on Friday’s race day.

– First of all, the plan is to secure the championship. The time depends on what kind of race it is. Of course, ranking points are important at this point, but certainly winning is difficult, Rinne predicted in an interview with Yle.

The toughest challenges in the 1,500 meters are, among others, the Turku Sports Association Mustafa Moses, who ran the curtain in under 3.40. Lempäälä Kisan also has a thirst for championships I called SandhuSpring is a challenge for him though.

Rinne also believes that Lembala is Kisan Alexey Kivela See you in the top rope match in the evening.

Interviewed by Petra Manor

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