Did you see a message from the other side in the iconography? Chani: “Hairs stood on end”

The Time Machine at Helsinki City Festival kicked off with Saturday’s gig Electrocution.

Original member of Time Machine Maki Kolehmainen passed away in early June, and now the band is back on stage. Aikakon opened the second day of the Helsinki City Festival on Saturday.

When the gig started, original member Alex came on stage to start the gig. However, the world of sound interrupted, and the DJ began to entertain the audience. In no time there was a complete power cut on the stage. Then the waiting began.

Eventually the power came back on. Alex’s computer also broke before the power cut, so the DJ took care of the background music after some adjustments. Soon after, Chaney took the stage to talk about his band’s passing.

– Give us a sign that you are there, we said. Mahi said power cut, Chani declared.

Sani and Alex at Aikakoneen’s gig at the Helsinki City Festival event.

The public lived strongly with it.

– Makhi is here, Makhi is with us, Sani assured with outstretched arms.

“Skin Hairs on End”

Sani told Iltalehte after the concert that Maki had hinted at a similar situation before her death.

– We agreed to give some sign when he is there. Mahi says she will be there next time there is a power cut. This is our first show since his passing. The skin hairs stand up a little, says Chani Iltalehde.

Chani describes the situation as strange. There was a complete blackout on the stage, and after fifteen minutes it was restored.

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Makki Kolehmainen, who died of a rapidly progressing illness in early June, missed Ikakon’s concerts in early March.

Sani Artela and Makki Kolehmainen in 2018. Anna Jusilathi

Chani says that the icon was able to give a great show to its audience.

– I cried for a week. Now I feel so bad that I want to go and pay my respects (Maki’s memory).

The music still lives. Chani says the audience responded well to the band and sang along to the songs.

– We cry together. That’s right, grief has to come and it has to be experienced.

– Here we are constantly playing music and kicking. Chaani says nothing but new upheaval.

Along with Alex and Chan, Ann Wikstrom sings in the band.

After the power cut, the show started Beyond the star arc – Song.

During the show Chaani remembers Makhi several times and even sings her name I study in secret In the column.

— which turned 30 in the fall, he counted the band’s years together.

Chaney estimates the car has sat for 1.6 million kilometers.

– There will be many stories to tell, Chani said wistfully as the audience applauded.

Front line workers

Juuso waited in the front row for his first Aikakone performance.

Iacagon’s music is familiar to Juzo, though he personally waited in the front row for the band’s first concert.

– Yes, it certainly affects them as well, he reflected on the period of Maki from the point of view of artists.

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Venla and Nita came to the festival from Chinajogi.

Venla and Nita leave Chinajogi to find a change in the festival offerings. With Icacon’s kick they hoped for a better situation.

– A good start to the day, they say.

Diti and Channa admit that they are Yasari fans.

Titi and Sanna are both ysäri fans and they were enthusiastic throughout the festival. They cite Time Machine as their favorite let me dance And wait.

– Sadness, they tell about Maki’s demise.

Taiti and Channa praised the unusual coverage of the festival, but admitted that they were interested in the return of Nylon Beat.

The time machine took the audience.

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