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Feeling stiff and stiff? VitaePro nutritional supplement provides ingredients for the well-being of muscles and joints, and its updated formula is now even better for working muscles!

Each of us has a moment when our body no longer functions as smoothly as it did when we were young. Suddenly, putting on socks in the morning or squatting in the garden is disgusting. For some, the feeling of discomfort arises earlier than for others, and for some, the initial innocent feeling can develop over time into a serious discomfort that only momentarily reminds you of its existence. However, by taking care of our bodies through exercise and eating right, we can maintain an active lifestyle and do the things we love.

The now updated VitaePro nutritional supplement contains a wide range of carefully selected ingredients that have a documented effect on supporting several important functions of the body: Especially for the muscles and joints, but also for the heart, resistance and endurance.

For healthy muscles and joints

Our body’s muscles and joints are important drivers of movement throughout our lives, and they must endure a lot of strain in everyday tasks. Activity and proper nutrition are key to maintaining the well-being of muscles and joints. Strength training is a gentle way to increase muscle mass that supports the body, and it’s important to develop the joints by moving them — and then moving the synovial fluid that lubricates the joint.

By taking one VitaePro capsule a day, you can provide your muscles and joints with nutrients that support their function. Now the updated VitaePro contains even more vitamin D, which promotes normal muscle function. VitaePro also contains Boswellia serrata plant extract, which helps maintain a pleasant feeling in the joints. 91% of long-term users of VitaePro report noticing positive effects of the nutritional supplement on muscles and joints.*

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Product development behind success

Already created in 2002, VitaePro is the first choice of more and more Finns to support their own well-being. By engaging in continuous product development, we aim to provide our customers with the best nutritional supplements and movement support products. According to a customer survey conducted in 2022*, the majority of long-term users of VitaePro feel that they benefit from the product. Research shows that VitaePro is a popular product, especially when you need help with muscle and joint problems. The improved composition of VitaePro is also based on this. Vitamin D and its versatile benefits are widely known, but few of us remember that vitamin D has a documented effect on muscles. VitaePro’s versatile effects on overall well-being, such as increased activity and reduced fatigue, emerge as the most important reasons for using VitaePro among its users. We are proud to say that VitaePro is the perfect dietary supplement partner for many, Because even 94% of VitaePro’s long-term users are very satisfied and would recommend the product to others.

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Is VitaePro right for me?

Each of us has different starting points and goals regarding our own well-being, but VitaePro’s versatile benefits are suitable for most people. Its unique formula was developed to support an active lifestyle, and many VitaePro users report feeling more active after starting to use the supplement.* So whether you need help with muscle and joint problems or to prevent a variety of problems, stay healthy in the future, with VitaePro you’ll get the many nutrients your body needs. You will provide.

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You can only find out if VitaePro works for you by trying it. However, when trying nutritional supplements, it is always good to remember that the product should be used regularly for some time before you notice the effects and know if the product is right for you. According to a customer survey, users who received help from VitaePro said they saw positive results after 2-3 months of regular use.* There are no quick fixes, but patience and commitment to taking care of your own health can definitely be positive. Effects over time.

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6 Reasons to Try VitaePro

1. Very beneficial for the well-being of muscles and joints – 91% of users notice the benefits

2. Try the updated VitaePro now at an affordable price. As a new customer, you can try the first set of renewed VitaePro at half price for €17.75.

3. Versatile effects on whole body well-being. VitaePro’s unique formula contains ingredients that support many vital functions of the body. It contains carefully selected ingredients to reduce muscle and joint, heart and resistance and fatigue.

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4. Reliable quality. VitaePro contains only documented and high quality ingredients with multiple EU approved health claims.

5. Flexible and worry-free ordering – The order has no time limit, but you can pause or cancel it whenever it suits you.

6. Pamper your muscles with a special summer offer. By ordering now, you’ll receive Dual-Effect Artrotherm Thermal Cream as a subscriber gift on the first shipment.

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The ingredients in VitaePro nutritional supplement have been studied to be beneficial for the body’s well-being:

For joints and connective tissue

Boswellia serrata plant extract helps keep joints comfortable.

The trace element manganese promotes the normal formation of connective tissue.

For muscles

Vitamin D helps maintain normal muscle function.

For the heart

Thiamine and the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA promote normal heart function.**

for resistance

Zinc, vitamins B12, C and D3 and selenium promote normal immune system function.

Reduces fatigue

Vitamin B12 and C help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Protects cells

Antioxidant manganese, selenium, vitamins C and E contribute to protecting cells from oxidative stress.

*Customer survey 2022. N = 899 long-term users of VitaePro.

**The studied effect on cardiac function is achieved with 250 mg EPA and DHA (2 capsules/day).

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