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Ella Junnila finished fifth in the women’s high jump final. The last time a high jumper from Finland managed to do this was 53 years ago.

Ella Junnila cleared her second height of 193.

Joel Cipola,

Laura Arfman

Athletics EC Championship 7.6–12.6. Ylen channels. See approach information at this link.

Ella Junnila A rare feat for Finland with a strong performance in the women’s height final. Junnila was fifth and achieved the best Finnish ranking in the sport in 53 years in the prestigious outdoor track competition.

Asko Bessonen Also placed fifth in the altitude race at the 1971 European Championships. No Finnish woman has ever achieved better in outdoor track events. In 2021, Junnila achieved bronze in the EC arenas at the adult competition level.

Junnila, who had been determined in height since Friday’s qualifiers, cleared heights of 182, 186 and 190 in the final. The first fall came at 193, but Finn easily overcame this with his second.

Junnila has not risen this high in over three years. Junnila tried three times from the height of 195, but each time the bar came down. He would have missed out on the best of outdoor tracks.

Ella Junnila cleared 195 for the second time.

It was a shame to slip away

After the race, Junnila’s main concern was how close he came to medal position.

– Honestly, this thing is boring. All the seams were there to pick up a medal. Today, only others jumped better.

Junnila’s performance was solid and calm.

– I agree that the qualifier two days ago is overweight, especially when we live like this in the early season. Endurance of competition comes through competitions. Technically, it was very safe and I got some good jumps.

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In the last attempt of 195, Junnila slipped a bit.

– In the big picture, I am very satisfied. It has been very low for a long time. I know the best jumpers have bangs.

Ella Junnila commented on her competition.

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