Emil Hallberg arranged an incredible surprise for his new wife at his wedding

The wedding of Emil and Sophie’s wife was danced at Midsummer.

Actor-dancer Emil Hallberg His partner went to the altar Sofia Sejdijan June 22 on Midsummer Day.

The newlyweds shared a few things from their wedding. Emily’s mother Helena Ahti-Halberg He shared a video on his Instagram profile in which the newlyweds sing to his wife and party guests.

– A day of love and friendship, writes Helena in her update.

The story continues after the announcement

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The video shows how clearly Emil sings. He has chosen to deliver By Joe Cocker Informed You are very beautiful – Song.

Emil’s song evokes emotions not only for the man but also for the audience. The newly wed wife relaxes her face in the video, preventing her very obviously happy tears from ruining her makeup. Helena wipes the corners of her eyes during the performance.

Emil showcases his singing talent. He was found in the spring Voice of Finland -Singing competition. Emil survived the competition until the fights.

Mother-in-law with bachelor party

The couple celebrated their marriage with their loved ones. Helena seems especially excited about her son’s marriage.

The relationship between Emile’s wife and mother is quite frankly uncomplicated. In early June, Helena also attended Sophie’s bachelorette party.

The story continues after the announcement

Notice ends

– Little by little, I’m starting to recover from Sophie’s bachelorette party. The day started with a wedding sauna, which turned out to be the best thing. Beautiful seaside Helsinki, whirlpool and of course sauna, where all possible magic is felt. Guildisty sits on the bride’s conifer branches as they take turns going through traditional rituals. After all, I cried when it was my turn, and crying is funny because it catches! Then Helena said.

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