Esko Erikainen expressed his disappointment after the radio gala: “How hard I took it”

Radio presenters Esko Erikainen And Summer Hartlin visited MTV's morning in Finland The popular Radio Nova tells about his daily life in the afternoon. Eerikäinen returned after the recent radio gala and said she was disappointed that she didn't receive any awards from the gala.

– Hartlin says we were expecting a little more upright from there and it would have been nice to bring one here too, but he says he's already over the worst disappointment.

– A little more? We didn't get any position, laughs Eerikäinen.

Hartlin also points out that they have very different qualities with Eerikäinen.

Eerikäinen shared her feelings on social media the morning after the gala, where she said she is a very competitive person.

– We don't do radio for awards. We're not going to work tomorrow because we'll win a gala next year. We do this for the public, says Eirikainen.

– Of course, when you get shortlisted from hundreds of top providers, the competitive spirit gets very high. I surprised myself with how hard I took this, she adds.

– It's wonderful that things like this are organized, but they're a bit toxic for these kind of competitive idiots, laughs Eerikäinen.

What's it like creating a hugely popular radio show and what's the dynamic between the two in the workplace? Watch the interview in the video below!

What is the secret behind the popularity of Radio Nova's afternoon broadcast?


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