Eurovision result sparks wild speculation: “I’m scared”

Ireland’s representative, Bambi Thug, in particular, has sparked debate at Eurovision.

The Eurovision final has sparked speculation on social media. The victory was taken by the representative of Switzerland neem With his piece code with a total of 591 points. Croatia took second place with 547 points and Ukraine took bronze with 453 points.

Observers have paid particular attention to Ireland’s rankings. Doomsday Blue Represented Ireland with singing Bambi the thug Her witch-themed performance earned her a total of 278 points and placed sixth in the competition. Ireland also ranked sixth in the public vote, as well as in councils voting results

Some have noticed that the three ranks of Ireland together form the number 666, which in Christianity is known as the number of the beast. It is often associated with non-Christianity in popular culture.

Bambi Tuck (right) representing Ireland finished sixth in the competition. AOP

Doubts grew when Irish viewing figures were released. RTÉ– According to Irish media, almost 666,000 viewers watched this year’s Eurovision in Ireland. It was the most watched five-a-side final in Ireland since 2018.

If the link is not visible, you can view the output From here.

According to some social media users of the X app, many of the references to the devil in Ireland’s Wisdom Rankings are coincidental. Many have also pointed out that Bambi Thak openly claimed to practice witchcraft.

– His magic really worked. I’m scared.

– Bambi proved overnight that Satan was real.

– They must have done magic. Winning was not in their minds, they wanted to convey the message 666.

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– That’s crazy. The results are 666 as the numbers are strictly falsified.

Clips of Bambi Tak’s performance were shared in relation to some concepts, where the artiste, among other things, drew pentagrams, danced with a demon and chased it away.

A demon was exorcised during the performance of Bambi Thak. EBU

Israel’s employment has also sparked a lot of debate on social media. On the day of the Eurovision final, many were encouraged to vote for Israel’s performance on social media and discussion forums. In many quarters there was a perception that somehow a vote for Israel was a vote against the left. Members of Parliament were also directly encouraged to vote for Israel. Opinion on Israel’s participation in visas is divided because of the war in Gaza.

A Doctor of Political Science and Political Implications Dr Rowley Mickelson He told Iltalehti recently that it was definitely a political campaign. Mickelson thought that politics became more important as the crises moved geopolitically closer to Europe.

– The EBU’s claim that Eurovision is not a political event is hidden under a veil. “I think it’s rude,” Mickelson said.

Israel was represented Cyclone– Song Eden Colon, whose performance garnered the second highest number of votes from viewers with 323 points. No jury awarded Israel 12 points. Israel’s total score was 375, placing the country in fifth place.

Israel’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has sparked a lot of debate on social media. AOP

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