“Everybody has to go on their own” – Orpo on stabbing and racism in Oulu

In a long interview with Iltalehti, Prime Minister Petteri Orpo (kok) talks about the stabbing of a 12-year-old child in Oulu, extremism, racism, basic Finns and typical adults who badmouth each other on social media. Designed for children and teenagers.

Peter Orbo He was elected party president for the fifth time in the party meeting held in Tampere. Orpo has been leading the alliance since 2016 and at the end of the current term, Orpo will complete ten years as the leader of the alliance.

Orpo has three years left in his prime ministership, so he needs to be elected for a sixth term as president to manage Besti until the end.

Orpo doesn’t want to get ahead of things, but in an interview with Iltalehti, he says he’s committed to his current job, which focuses on getting Finland’s public finances in order.

– In today’s politics, two years is a long time, it is a very difficult task to leave a checking account for two years. We will evaluate what is best for Finland and the alliance, Orpo tells Iltalehte.

The story continues after the film.

Petteri Orbo has been leading the coalition since 2016. At the party meeting in Tampere, he was sworn in unopposed. Inca Soweri

Oulu Boxing covered the crowd

The coalition celebrated the party’s victory in European elections in Tampere, but the stabbing of a 12-year-old child in Oulu overshadowed the prime minister’s festive mood, especially on Friday, when he had to answer several questions about the violent attack.

A 33-year-old neo-Nazi from the Finnish Resistance Movement (SVL) is suspected of the stabbing. Juhani Sebastian Lamsa. The victim is a 12-year-old boy of foreign origin who is a Finnish citizen. Lamsa is also suspected of trying to stab another 13-year-old child. The Central Criminal Police (KRP) suspects Lämsä of two attempted murders.

Finland’s internal security situation and the weakening of the people’s sense of security make Orbo think. The prime minister admitted that the stabbing incident in Oulu made him feel like a failure as Finland’s top decision-maker.

– Every such heinous act of violence with an extremist mindset is a failure for all of us. Of course, as the Prime Minister, I am concerned and responsible that something like this could happen, says Orbo.

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The story continues after the film.

– Prime Minister Petteri Orbo says that a radicalized person belonging to an extremist movement could do something unspeakably sick and cruel. Inca Soweri

Strengthening internal security was an integral factor for the coalition that formed the government, says Orpo of Basic Finns, RKP and KD. According to Orbo, the government needs to do more to strengthen internal security.

– The government sees this worrying development and tries to intervene in its activities, but unfortunately the actions of the authorities could not prevent the Oulu incident.

– The challenge here is that a radicalized individual belonging to an extremist movement can do something unspeakably sick and horrible to himself. That is why, although extremist movements are relatively rare in Finland, they are very dangerous.

“Everybody has to go on their own.”

According to Orbo, parties in government have realized the danger of the situation.

– That’s why the government invests more money in internal security, Orbo says, and we should cut everything else.

The case in Oulu stems from racism, which is basically hating people. Can’t we get rid of it from Finland by increasing the number of policemen and security guards?

– No. It is clear that we need two types of mechanisms. Strict measures are needed in terms of number of police officers, stiffening of fines and increasing the powers of officers. A sustainable way to solve this is through the Equality Society.

– For the same reason, for example, we have put 200 million euros into the development of primary schools, so that our children and young people can have a good primary education. In general, those marginalized in the early stages are more likely to slip into these extremes. Development of primary school is essential.

Politicians like to talk about money, but how do we Finns talk to each other, and what do you think is the responsibility of decision-makers to set an example for children and young people with that?

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– In the spring and early summer, when we see how children and young people bully each other, I used the claim that it’s amazing that we adults set an example of horrible language and behavior. Especially on social media. Yes, we are all responsible for this.

– Every Finn, especially an adult, is responsible for the example we set for our children and youth. Of course, politicians are in charge of the nation and we should be trendsetters. But everyone should go inside and think about the example we set for children and youth.

The story continues after the film.

According to Arbo, adults need to think about their own behavior on social media. Inca Soweri

Orbo says he is concerned about the children and young people who have seen or read about acts of violence against children and young people in Finland in recent weeks.

– I am very worried about our children and youth. Now that summer has begun, those children and young adults must be looked after. We ask how they are and if everything is okay. No one is left alone. When such atrocities occur, some children and young people become anxious and fearful.

– In the midst of all these horrors, children and young people need to be reminded that Finland is still one of the safest countries in the world for children and young people to live and grow up in. As a rule, everything is fine here. Officials and politicians will do our best to keep the situation as it is.

Orbo: “Discussion on racism was good”

Precursor to Orphan The sea of ​​truth (SD) said Perusuomalaiset was an “openly racist party” during the parliamentary elections. The first weeks of Orbø’s government were marked by discussions of racist and fundamentalist Finnish ministers’ previous writings.

Has Riikka Purra’s Perusfinomalieset somehow become a party or changed its activities somehow as a result of last summer’s racism?

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– Last summer, we had a thorough discussion about racism and discrimination within the government, between parties and in Finnish society more broadly. We then issued a statement that everyone agreed upon. Basic Finns acted on these principles, at least in government work, and this is what I primarily follow. “I don’t have anything to indicate how they worked,” says Orbo.

The story continues after the film.

According to Arbo, Perusumalaiset acted in the group according to collectively agreed principles. Inca Soweri

According to Orpo, the racism debate last summer was good for Finnish society.

– These issues were made visible and everyone was included. No one is excluded as some would like. It would probably have resulted in even greater difficulties.

Eradicating racism from society will take time Increases endurance. Can you say with all your heart that Perusfinomaket promotes tolerance to others in the government?

– Well, I’ve never seen anything in the same direction. Take immigration policy, for example. I agree that the rules for humanitarian immigration should be tightened to the Nordic level, but in such a way that the government does not create barriers to work-based immigration.

– If you think tightening immigration policy is inhumane, it’s not. The government’s policy is right according to the rules of the game we have agreed together.

Do basic fins work differently?

Chairman of Basic Fins, Finance Minister Rika Burra News Service X published an article on Thursday in which he linked street and gang crime at the heart of his own party’s politics to the Oulu case (of immigrants), without the police saying the matter was in any way related to street and gang crime.

Bura’s writing has been heavily criticized. Burra’s departure was “a bit of a quick reaction,” Orpo told Iltalehde in Tampere on Friday.

Do basic Finns act differently in government than when speaking to their own supporters as a party?

– I didn’t have much time to follow their speeches to their own supporters, but nothing special caught my eye, says Orbo.

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