Experts want seniors to participate in surgery talks at Yle A-talk – “I don't see anything wrong”

Economist Sixton Corkman, Etla CEO Aki Kangasharju, SPR President Elli Aaltonen and Economic Policy Evaluation Council President Niku Mättänen were guests at Yle's A-talk.

Economist Sixton Corkman also favors the Social Security cuts because they bring big savings. Vesa Leitinen

Government cuts to occupational pensions raised a range of views on Yle's A-talk on Thursday. There was debate in the studio about whether pensioners should take their own part in the austerity talks.

Economist Sixton Corkman embraces cuts to reduce debt.

– Social security related expenditure should be reduced as their share is very large. Personally, I am of the view that spending on children's policy should not be reduced. Their decline will be bigger in the long run, Corkman told Yle.

– At least if we are talking about well-paid pensioners, there is nothing wrong with their participation in this negotiation.

According to Corkman, it is important to justify the cuts, for example, cuts from families with children.

– I believe this happens to a lot of pensioners at my age, because we have children and grandchildren. We feel their destiny interests us.

Etla CEO Aki Kangasharju urges participation of pensioners in surgical strikes. Inca Soweri

Big pot of money

Aki Gangasharju, CEO of business research firm Edla, reminds us that the housing allowance for pensioners was not cut in the first decisions of this government a year ago.

– It will be reasonable for pensioners to come to work. Pensions can be a big pot. Even a small (employment pension) percentage increase will bring in a lot of money, Gangasharju said in the studio.

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Elli Aaltonen, former CEO of Kela and current head of the Finnish Red Cross, does not like being referred to as a group of pensioners because many of the large 1.6 million pensioners have less than 2,000 euros in pensions. month.

– If you ask me if I want to cut, my answer is no. Altonen says that the pensioners did not participate in the negotiations through their pensions, but they went through everything.

Altonen lists, for example, an increase in deductions for medical reimbursement, the freezing of housing allowance codes and the removal of housing allowance for owner-occupied housing.

If pensions are to be cut, Aaltonen calls on the government to focus on where they are allocated, to whom and how taxation is tightened.

Kela's former CEO Elli Aaltonen doesn't want to cut pensions. Lake OUTI

Targeting is difficult

The government has previously insisted that small pensions will not be affected by the cuts. Chairman of the Economic Policy Evaluation Committee Niku Matanen According to the pension tax cuts, if even small pensions of 1,500–2,000 euros are not targeted, you will not save hundreds of millions.

– Pensioners are distributed in such a way that the largest proportion have relatively small pensions compared to the average salary. It is unlikely that the tax increase will be limited to pensions of 3,000-4,000 euros, Mättänen estimates in Yle.

Based on Prime Minister Petteri Orpo's statements, Mättänen thinks that pensions will not be directly reduced by freezing the index, but that tax money can reduce net pensions.

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