F1 expert Martin Brundle has shared a scathing account of the crash between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

The roots of the incident go back to the closing moments of Sunday’s race, when Norris overtook Verstappen. As Red Bull’s Dutch driver Verstappen turned towards Norris, the pair’s rear tires collided causing chaos.

Verstappen immediately suffered a flat tire, followed by Norris. Verstappen dropped from the race lead to fifth and Norris had to stop.

Former F1 driver and currently working as a ski expert Martin Brundle Red Bull’s background hints that turbulence may have contributed to Sunday’s crash.

Earlier in the week, Verstappen’s father Jos Verstappen Red Bull team manager said Christian Horner He would have been banned from taking part in a demonstration run under the Austrian GP, ​​which features historic F1 cars. Horner denied issuing any kind of restraining order.

Horner and father Verstappen have long been at gunpoint. The worst scandal was seen earlier this year when allegations of Horner’s inappropriate behavior with a female Red Bull employee surfaced in the public eye.

Horner has denied the allegations and is not suspected of wrongdoing following an internal Red Bull investigation.

Amid all the uproar, there were suspicions that the allegations had been leaked to the public by Verstappen’s family – namely Jos Verstappen.

According to Brundel, the background noise affected the behavior of his son Verstappen, aka Max, in Sunday’s race.

– Max is one of the best drivers I have seen in 40 years, Brendle began in his article.

– He calmed down and matured with three championships. All that seemed to fall apart on Sunday, however, as he returned to Max 1.0 based on how he conducted himself in the middle of the battle for first place.

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Brundle notes how Verstappen defended his first place in the most difficult manner. Eventually, the maneuvers lead to an accident.

– I can’t come up with any excuses for his actions, but I wonder if the dispute between his father Jose and team manager Christian Horner reared its head, Brundle notes.

Brundle hints at how Red Bull’s internal turmoil affected the whole thing, namely how Norris was able to close in on Verstappen.

Verstappen led the race by seven seconds before the second pit stop. When Verstappen’s stop went wrong, Norris stood up to him.

On top of that, Verstappen was slapped with used medium-hard alloy wheels, while Norris returned to the track with new wheels. Verstappen locked his brakes on the exit lap and brought Norris under his rear wing.

– It all came to a head on Red Bull team radio when Norris claimed he was to blame. It’s hard to ask someone like that because such claims damage their credibility in every way, Brundle summarized.

The race jury found that Verstappen was at fault in the crash. The Dutchman was sentenced to ten second sentences. Apart from this, he also scored two penalty points.

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