Field season forestry work is underway, remember occupational safety!

Forestry and renovation works are currently underway. Forestry work is done not only by professional loggers but also by many forest owners. Before starting work in your own forest, it is a good idea to review work safety issues and check and maintain work equipment. It is convenient to review occupational safety issues from the guide “Occupational Safety in Self-Employed Forestry Work” by Tapio and Maatalousyrittätts pension company Mela for forest owners.

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Many forest owners do their own forest management and felling work. Working on your own is an alternative form of exercise, while you get to know your own woods and maintenance work is done. Forestry and forest work involves the risk of moving accidents, the probability of which is e.g. About the type of work, working conditions, professional skills and experience of the employee and condition of work equipment. When planning forest operations, it is important to identify and anticipate potential safety hazards and take care of necessary safety equipment.

Occupational safety can be improved by proactively assessing hazards and conditions. Experience and knowledge of one’s own forest helps to identify hazardous situations and safety hazards caused by terrain conditions. “Before starting work, the accident risks of the workplace must be determined so that they are taken into account when doing the actual work. Anticipation is important in cutting and maintenance work, but also when planning work and inspecting construction sites,” advises the expert. Ari Niminen From Tapio.

Forest owners also need insurance

It is important for forest owners to take care of their insurance coverage. In self-employed forestry work, occupational accident and occupational disease insurance covers the costs of treatment, medicines and medical trips for an occupational accident or occupational disease. “Agricultural entrepreneur’s pension insurance supplements the forest owner’s old-age pension, but includes occupational accident and occupational disease insurance, which provides protection to the forest owner in case of a possible work accident during self-employed forestry work,” says Occupational Health. Maintenance Specialist Arja Beldomaki-vastama Agricultural Entrepreneurs Pension Institute from Mela.

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Use Occupational Safety in the Self-Employed Forestry Work Guide

The guide is available free of charge From Tapio’s website, which can be downloaded as a PDF version. The guide is useful when planning work and e.g. When purchasing equipment.

More info

Ari Nieminen, Tapio, 029 432 6047
Arja Beldomaki-Vastama, Agricultural Entrepreneurs Pension Institute Mela, 029 435 2459

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