Finland’s largest bed concentration near the airport

Strawberry opens a completely new hotel chain in Finland and is associated with Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. There are two different hotels to choose from under one roof.

The two hotels, which will open together with Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in early June, will become Finland’s largest hotel cluster. Located on different sides of the same new building, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport and Comfort Hotel Helsinki Airport represent 714 rooms.

The style, interior materials and purpose or concept of the two hotels differ from each other. As you move from one hotel to another through the locked corridor doors from customers, the atmosphere, colors, decorations, materials, lighting and other solutions clearly change.

Clarion can best be described with the words restrained and stylish, full-service premium.

Comfort, on the other hand, is fresh, exciting and relaxed with a narrow range of services.

One hotel has room service and an in-room minibar, while the other has no minibar, but snacks are available 24/7 from the downstairs bar.

– Opinions differ, but travelers and their needs, strawberry
Country Director of Finland Erica Ernruth Background. He says that the Comfort concept hotel that is opening now is the first in Finland, and there are already forty others in the world.

There are also airline passengers who need a good bed and an uninterrupted night’s sleep before their early morning flight the next day.

– and then there are others who have time to visit the spa and pampering treatments and a long, leisurely breakfast, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport Hotel Manager. Tarja Jeskanen separates.

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Prices vary depending on the configuration

Of course, room rates also vary. Roughly generalized, you can say where “Good value for money” Starting at 170 euros on the Comfort, the corresponding price level on the Clarion is 220 euros.

Tarja Jeskanen says, on the Clarion side, the small rooms are 16 square meters, the suites are 60 square meters. The suites have an unobstructed view of the runway.

Comfort Hotel Manager Jenny Javanese He hopes families traveling from the provinces to the capital area will find the new hotel a hit.

– At Comfort, we have family rooms for up to 8 people, which is very rare in hotels.

On the comfort side, you can only pay for an overnight stay, which means visiting without breakfast. Clarion’s customers are treated to a 190-item breakfast, available from four in the morning – keeping in mind early-bird passengers. Guests of both hotels can enjoy breakfast in the same restaurant.

Entry to the Clarion Spa is free for in-room guests, while other Clarion and all Comfort customers pay separately for spa visits. There is a traditional sauna and a steam sauna, as well as a year-round outdoor pool. Customers outside these two hotels can also access the spa at a separate fee.

There is a bright gym. There is a meeting and event space in the basement, for up to 800 participants.

Strawberries and airplane bonkers

I visited the hotel complex two days before its opening in early June. Workers were putting finishing touches on various areas.

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The hotel information was there, but a fresh and delicious breakfast – and strawberries, after all, the hotel chain bears the strawberry name.

Strawberry has a total of more than 225 concept hotels and more than 40 independent hotels in the Nordic countries.

The sky opens up on the 12th floor of the newly arrived hotel. The rooftop cocktail bar and à la carte restaurant Brasserie NÒR is a restaurant with large window areas, one of which is the terrace around the corner, open in summer. The terrace is very accessible to the runways.

Clarion Hotel Airport Hotel Manager Tarja Jeskanen.

It’s easy to get there

The hotel is well connected as you can get there by train, bus, plane, taxi or your own car. The hotel has direct indoor connectivity with the terminal and railway station.

– How nice, with us, the passenger can go directly to the terminal and fly indoors without an outer jacket, says Jeskanen.

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