Finland’s participation in the next Eurovision is not certain

Yle’s head of creative content and media Wille Villan reflects on the security of the Eurovision Song Contest with Israel’s participation.

Israel’s participation in Eurovision divides opinion even after Eurovision. Many have opposed Israel’s participation in the tournament because of the Gaza war. Israel Cyclonerepresented by the song Eden Colon Finally finished sixth and scored a total of 375 points.

Head of creative content and media at Yle Villa Villan is thinking to YleThere could have been a mistake from a security point of view, including Israel at Eurovision, and it’s not fair.

– This is a solution made. In retrospect, the manager says in the interview, “Maybe not because everything like this was born out of that.”

Israel’s Edan Golan finished sixth in the event. EBU

For example, Villain again emphasizes safety when considering Finland’s participation in Eurovision, should Israel participate in the competition.

– If we send a group of people there, there is no doubt that the conditions are safe.

So, if Israel is involved, isn’t Finland?

– That is the question now. Is the EBU doing anything about it? But Weil responded in an interview that Ukraine’s participation would also pose a security threat.

However, Vilan can see New music competition Even though Finland is not participating in Eurovision, there is a high demand for shows like this.

I am the main producer of the Eurovision Song Contest ANCI AUTO Iltalehte was told earlier today that Finland is essentially participating in next year’s Eurovision. However, Auto admitted in a tough mood that this year’s Eurovision was special because of security and various tensions. Additionally, he admitted that this year’s competition was not too apolitical.

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– The EBU insists that Eurovision strives to be a non-political event. After all, all of us involved in these forms share the same concept. I would like to believe that we will reach that conclusion in the future as well, he said.

According to Yle’s director, taking Israel to Eurovision may have been a security mistake. AOP

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