Finnair announces exciting passenger numbers for June

Finnair carried more than one million passengers in June. However, the passenger utilization rate has declined slightly over the comparison period.

Finnair carried 1,090,600 passengers in June, up 9.4 percent from June 2023.

Total capacity, measured in passenger kilometers delivered, increased by 9.2 percent in June compared to the comparable period. At British Airways The leased short-body aircraft were now in own use when their out-leasing ended in March 2024. When leasing aircraft with crew, growth was 11.2 per cent due to the Qantas collaboration.

Traffic, measured in passenger kilometers sold, increased by 8.2 percent. Passenger numbers were 80 percent, down 0.7 percentage points from the comparable period.

Finnair’s transport offering and passenger kilometer sales increased, particularly in the US.

Finnair’s Asia freight offering increased by 6.1 percent from the comparable period due to increased capacity to Japan. Supply of North American traffic increased by 16.4 percent, driven by additional routes in Chicago and Dallas. European transport capacity increased by 12.3 percent as additional capacity of short-body aircraft was allocated to Europe. Capacity in the Middle East decreased by 7.0 percent, mainly due to the cancellation of flights to Israel. The delivery of domestic traffic increased by 11.3 percent, due to increased capacity of short-body aircraft.

Compared to the comparable period, passenger kilometer sales in Asian transport increased by 6.5 percent. They grew 17.9 percent in North American traffic, 9.5 percent in European traffic, and 2.0 percent in domestic traffic. In Middle East traffic, it was down 7.1 percent.

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In June, the passenger utilization rate was 77.7 percent on Asian traffic and 83.8 percent on North American traffic. The passenger utilization rate for European traffic was 81.9 percent, for Middle East traffic 74.1 percent, and for domestic traffic 69.3 percent.

Total freight and mail tonnages increased by 6.9 percent over the comparison period, as there was growth in all transport segments except the inland segment. Freight tonne kilometer sales increased by 6.6 per cent.

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