Foreign diplomats tell CNN of Biden: “Trump ate him alive”

Joe Biden took part in Thursday’s televised election debate against Donald Trump, surprising foreign diplomats.

President of the United States Joe Biden Poor performance in first election debate Donald Trump It has not gone unnoticed among foreign diplomats working in Washington.

Many diplomats from Europe, the Middle East and Asia described it CNN:lle Biden’s presentation was “difficult to consider”.

– It’s a sad fact that Biden is old and getting old. We saw it. I had trouble understanding what he said, and a European diplomat said that I knew English very well.

– Trump ate him alive, an Arab diplomat commented on Biden’s performance.

– I was shocked. Asian diplomat, I couldn’t believe my eyes about the 81-year-old Democratic president’s stumble.

The current president’s performance against Trump has been so weak that the Democratic camp is frantically wondering if they can replace Biden with another candidate. Biden announced Friday that he would continue in the race.

Joe Biden’s appearance in the first election debate was poor. AOP


A respected American magazine The New York Times (NYT) wrote Friday that Biden should drop the candidacy.

According to the NYT, while Trump is a threat to democracy, based on Thursday’s debate, it’s clear that Biden is not the man he was four years ago.

The paper found Biden on the defensive in his performance, and particularly in his responses to Trump’s “provocations.”

– Biden has been an admirable president. Under his leadership, the nation has thrived and begun to address many long-term challenges, and the wounds torn by Trump have begun to heal. But the greatest public service Biden can do right now is to announce he won’t seek re-election, the NYT writes.

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