Four people were shot dead at a popular tourist spot

Gunmen open fire on a crowd at a tourist destination in Afghanistan. Four people were killed and many injured in the attack.

Bamiyan Valley is open to tourists from 2021. AOP

Gunmen killed three Spanish tourists and a local man in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan province on Friday, citing information provided by the Spanish Foreign Ministry and the Taliban Interior Ministry.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan Madin Khaneen Three Afghans and four foreigners were injured in the attack. At least one of the injured foreigners was Spanish, according to the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

According to Ghani, four people have been arrested in connection with the act.

Success in a tourist destination

According to Reuters, the attack came on Friday when gunmen opened fire on a crowd in the tourist-friendly Bamiyan Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are two large Buddha statues carved into the rock, which were partially destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez X expressed his condolences on the news service. According to him, the Spanish embassy is helping the injured and their families in every possible way.

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One of the most serious attacks

According to Reuters, it was one of the worst attacks on foreigners since the Taliban came to power three years ago.

Another serious attack occurred in 2022 when at least three gunmen opened fire at a Kabul hotel popular with Chinese businessmen. The attackers were shot dead by Afghan security forces. No civilian was injured in the attack.

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Starting in 2021, Afghanistan tried to attract tourists to the country and promised to restore security to the country, Reuters reported. For this purpose, guided tours of Buddha statues are also arranged.

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