French election result heats up emotions: “very violent clashes”

Thousands of protesters thronged the streets of Paris.

Such was the Place de la République on Sunday evening. YOAN VALAT, EPA / AOP

A French newspaper reported that thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate their opinion as a result of the early results of the French parliamentary elections. Le Figaro.

According to a police source, for example, around 5,000 people are marching in the streets of Marseille. Protesters set off fireworks and smoke bombs.

In Rennes, on the other hand, police say they arrested 25 people during a demonstration when demonstrators did not follow police orders.

And in Nantes, western France, a police officer suffered second-degree burns on his hands after a fuel bottle was thrown at him.

“Violent Conflicts”

In addition, Le Figaro reports that the most violent clashes took place in the Place de la République in Paris. According to the French journalist, there are several hundred left-wing supporters celebrating the election result in the square.

However, some of the protesters clashed with the police. The newspaper writes that the masked men desperately tried to provoke the police. Also, items on the street were set on fire and firecrackers were fired at the police.

Author of Le Picaro Milk sugar X shared videos of the Paris protests on the news service. If you don’t see the embed below, you can check it out From here.

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