Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Is Absolutely Insane – Check Out These Huge Figures

George Miller A veritable monolith has been made into a film. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Already an absolute nightmare logistically.

However, the numbers don’t lie. Anger An epic movie and the numbers below prove it.

  • 240: Combined number of shooting days for three different shooting periods (131 sec/action units, 109 main units).
  • 156: Number of days of location shooting (84 days in studio).
  • 35: Full-time camera technicians who worked on the film.
  • 10,109: Mileage, New South Wales, New South Wales Mad Max: Fury Rodin Premier, and at the same time took calls from the set and directed the action.
  • 200: Number of extra shots in the scene filmed in Gas Town (there were 149 in the Bullet Farm scene and 100 in the Citadel scene).
  • 200: The number of stunt actors who worked in the film.
  • 197: Number of shots of the main stowaway action scene.
  • 78: Days the Stowaway scene was shot over nine months.
  • 52: The number of characters in the stowaway scene.
  • 13: Number of stunt sequences in the film.
  • 41: Number of motorcyclists in one scene.
  • 40: Number of extras needed on the biggest shooting day. They had 16 hairstylists and make-up artists and 33 extras to help with arrangements (a total of 89 people did the whole show).
  • 105: Total number of characters designed independently by the hair and makeup industry.
  • 341: Hair and make-up artists with most people required to work on the same day (280 extras and 61 stunt people).
  • 145: Total number of vehicles used in the film (35 cars and trucks, 110 motorcycles).
  • 37: Temperature on the hottest shooting day.
  • 32: Cameras used in the film.
  • 41: Alternatives.
  • 37: Different camera lenses.
  • 87: Wigs.
  • 4: Replacements for Furiosa’s role.
  • 3: Special drivers on camera cars.
  • 5,500: Letter exchange green sheets.
  • 120: Liters of clay used for war boys.
  • 60: Liters of fake dirt used to create alaskasanas.
  • 26: Stunt scenes for War Boys in one day.
  • 35: Manufactured dentures.
  • 83: The age of the old stuntman.
  • 18: The age of the youngest stuntman.
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Trailer below. Premieres on May 24.

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