Google’s Data Center Expands, Wastes Contract

On Monday, a press conference was held in the courtyard of the Google search engine company, which was opened by the director of the data center. Jukka Vinonen Bringing good news to Hameena. Google already has 6 data centers in Summa and is in the process of building a seventh. The value of the new investment is around one billion euros. After its completion, the total investment so far in the Hamina data center is worth around 4.5 billion euros.

The latest expansion is estimated to be ready by August 2025. During the construction phase, it will bring 4,000 jobs; Sub-contractors are persons who provide security, accommodation and other indirect services. Once the expansion is complete, one hundred new direct jobs will be created.

City Manager Ilari Sousalu and Haminan Energia’s new CEO Kimmo Rahgamo are excited about two projects that will significantly benefit the city.

– Google has had a huge impact on Hamina and the whole Kaimenlaxo. This has brought a high-tech image to Hameena, the city manager Ilary Sousalu He said in his speech.

Environment and Climate Minister also participated in this press conference Kai Maikanen.

– Now we are operating at a completely new level. 22 years ago when I was at the Reserve Officer School in Hamina, the forest industry was closed. At the time, you couldn’t even imagine that something like this would change that, Mikkanen said.

– It proves that even small towns have opportunities if they dare to think “outside the box”. Haminan also inspires others by his example.

Environment and Climate Minister Kai Maikanen considered Google’s location in Hamina as an example to encourage others to acquire data centers in Finland.

Cold water for server rooms to heat Hamina houses

The big and promising news is that the data center will provide additional waste heat generated by cooling server rooms to Haminan Energia’s subsidiary Haminan Koukolambo Oi. The hot and cold water received from Google is transported to a heat pump plant where the temperature of the water is raised to suit the district heating network.

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– Now I feel very good, says Haminan Kaukolambo Oi CEO Among Kalevi.

The program has been tuned for nearly ten years.

– The target is to have the heat pump plant ready and operational by the end of next year. Google’s annual waste heat capacity is 40 gigawatt hours per year.

The server center campus may expand further

Tuike Finland Oy submitted an environmental impact assessment report on the expansion of its data center complex in Ely, southeastern Finland, in March. The assessment report examines the environmental impacts during the construction and operation of the planned four completely new data centers, i.e. Data Centers 8-11.

The Yva report was presented at a public event in April. The number of people who came to that place can be counted on fingers. Also, a separate survey was conducted among nearby residents.

No timetable or investment decisions have been made for the four new data centers.

A group of hosts and invited guests.

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