Ha hot! Up to 30 degrees next week

Also, the power line may break in the southern and western parts of the country in the coming days. In Finland, heat means temperatures above 25 degrees.

In summer, thirst will surprise you. Stock photo. Pete Anikari

In Finland, you can enjoy warm summer weather. The highest temperature of the year was recorded in Salou on Saturday, where the mercury soared to 28.8 degrees.

Forca predicts that Sunday, at least in the southern part of the country, will have similar temperatures to Saturday. The heat is increasing in central and northern parts of the country. Even in Lapland, temperatures soar above 20 degrees in some places. Also, rain and thundershowers may occur in south and southwest parts of the country.

– Afternoon thunderstorms will develop at places in south and west. In the east and north, sunny and dusty weather continues. Daytime temperatures will be 20-27 degrees in southern and western parts of the country on Sunday. In the east and north it will be 16-22 degrees, Foreca meteorologist Sarah Salonen forecast.

The weather is getting hotter

Weather forecast Anna Latvala It says next week, including graduation weekend, will be warm enough.

On Monday, more warm air will blow into Finland from the south, and temperatures will be possible. Salonen, in a weather blog, predicted sunny weather for most of the country, but isolated showers.

– In the evening, hail will become more common in Lapland starting in the west, with thunder in some places.

In general, the daytime temperature is 23-28 degrees, in northern Lapland it is 14-20 degrees.

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On Tuesday, the mercury will rise to 30 degrees in the south. Even in the north, daytime temperatures are often around 18-25 degrees. Rainfall occurs mainly in the northern part of the country.

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