Heavy losses in the north – the Russian offensive is faltering

The Russians have captured several border villages near Kharkiv. However, Ukraine has succeeded in halting the advance of Russian troops with its counteroffensive Kyiv Post.

Spokesman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Nazar Voloshinin Stopped according to the enemy and does not continue to advance. He points out that the goal is not just to deter the Russian forces, but to destroy them completely. According to Voloshin, the security units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been strengthened.

Ukrainian war correspondent Jury Putsov It says the advance of Russian troops has stopped two to five kilometers from the border.

– According to the Russians, our defense is deployed and working effectively. At this stage, the Russian attacks have been repelled, Putsov wrote on his Telegram channel on Saturday.

According to Butusov, Russian forces are trying to use their early penetration tactics. The troops are looking for gaps in Ukrainian combat formations with the help of independent infantry teams. During the Russian offensive, up to 20 units of Russian armored vehicles were destroyed on the northern borders of the Kharkiv region, Butusov says.

– All infiltration attempts are detected, our artillery and drones are actively working against the enemy, Putsov says.

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