Heikki Westmann Responds to Harsh Criticism: “I consider this opinion completely baseless”

According to Heikki Westmany (Kog), chairman of the Constitutional Law Commission, the Constitutional Law Commission has not been politicized during its tenure.

According to the Alliance’s Heikki Westman, who chairs parliament’s constitutional law committee, there are no planned bans on constitutional experts who have spoken publicly about the committee’s internal debates. Henry Carcainan

The conversion bill, which has sparked much public debate, will return to Parliament’s Constitution Committee on Friday for consideration. Iltalehti interviewed the leader of the group Heikki Westman (kok) in Parliament on Thursday, after Westman had already had time to read the executive committee’s draft report.

The purpose of the Act is that processing of asylum applications may be suspended in mixed impact situations.

– Westmann states that the Constitutional Law Committee has found the need for this law so that Finland can protect itself from a serious threat posed by a foreign, hostile state.

Westman thinks the proposed additional powers are necessary. He says he considers the argument that fixing powers according to the constitution in the order in which the constitution was drafted would threaten the rule of law in Finland, groundless and undermine the value of law. Westman insists that the rule of law must defend itself against a serious threat posed by a hostile state.

– In its report, the Constitutional Law Commission considered that the basic solution of the Government’s proposal met the conditions of a limited exception required by the Constitution and could therefore be enacted as a limited exception to the constitution-making process. The possibility of emergency legislation is part of Finland’s constitutional system.

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In addition to the asylum seeker’s legal protection

In its new report, the Constitutional Law Commission takes a stand only on the question of whether the requirements made earlier by the Constitutional Law Commission have been met.

In its earlier opinion, the Constitutional Law Commission had held that the proposed law could be approved under the constitution-making process, i.e., if the executive committee added ex-law protections to the law protection, declared urgently by a five-sixths majority in the plenary session. Law.

The committee is considering an amendment to the law to increase legal protections for asylum seekers: According to the amendment, a person removed from the country can request a reassessment of the removal from the country’s border detention within 30 days.

The Constitutional Law Committee will hear experts on Friday morning, and the committee is expected to issue a report later in the afternoon.

Rejects politicization

There have been recent public claims that the Constitution Committee was politicized during the implementation of the Conversion Act or even during Westman’s presidency. Westman vehemently denies claims of politicization.

– In my opinion, this election period is not about the activities of the committee, and tax-wise, it is no different from the last season, when I myself was a member of the committee.

According to Article 74 of the Constitution, the special function of the Constitutional Law Committee is to assess the constitutionality of bills coming before the Committee and the relationship with international human rights treaties. According to Westman, the committee has accomplished its mission in this regard.

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– Not a constitutional committee [tällä vaalikaudella] Not even once has the matter been settled by consensus of experts, but the Constitution Law Committee has relied on one’s own assessment or generally on the assessment of some expert consulted by the Committee. The most important thing is that the Committee’s consideration is based on the letter of the Constitution, the drafts and the previous interpretation of the Committee, i.e. a statutory consideration.

Westman recalls that experts do not have the right to vote in meetings of the Constitutional Law Committee, and the opinions of experts are not binding on the committee. However, in practice, expert advice is very important to the committee’s functioning.

– All experts are important and respected in the group. I find that the committee has become politicized by not properly resolving the issue as per the view of one professor and ending up with the position of another constitutional scholar, and I find such claim or incitement to be completely baseless.

According to Westman, the committee relied on the Parliamentary Ombudsman for its opinion on the Conversion Act. Petri JaskelinenPresident of the Government Tuomas Pöystin and Prof of Michael Hidden For reports.

– Doesn’t anyone question the expertise and objectivity of top legal supervisors? I think such a question would be very serious.

Westman points out that Committee 41 issued unanimous statements during the government’s tenure, and that there were many divisive questions about the politics of the day.

No penalty

Emeritus Professor Carlo Turri Accused Last Saturday in Helsing’s Sanomat, Westman took as his agenda the implementation of the government’s proposals in the group. However, Westman feels that he has acted appropriately as leader and that things are not decided by the leader, but by the team. He pointed out that secret committee meetings are not public.

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– I think it is very problematic from the point of view of confidentiality that a few experts we have heard from the meetings of the committee have presented the issues in public. Other experts should also hope that they will not be mentioned in public.

After an interview with Turri, the head of the parliamentary group of basic Finns Johnny Makela requested Emeritus Professor Duori is sanctioned for leaking confidential conversations to the public. However, according to Westman, there is no reason for the bans.

– I am of the view that the committee will continue to ask experts as necessary to assess the legislation under consideration at any given time. I do not consider such bans to be fair or true.

At 13:23 PeV will issue a statement on Friday, not a statement.

This is how Anti Lindtman and Tytti Tuppurainen commented on the negotiated agreement on the border law on Tuesday, July 2. Johnny Korbela

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