Here are the results – Ella Junnila in top form

Ella Junnila was in good spirits on Friday evening.

Ella Junnila crossed the qualifying line. Leasima below

Ella Junnila After clearing the qualifying mark of 192, he jumped into the finals of the high jump qualifiers. Junnila cleared all her heights in the first attempt and completed the qualifying rounds cleanly. Hedda Toury He was out of the final after beating Patti on 189 in three overs. 185 was the Finn’s best finish.


Women’s High Jump Qualification

Yaroslav Mahuchyk (UKR) 192 k

Christina Honsel (GER) 192 k

Ella Junnila (FIN) 192 k

Irina Gerashchenko (UKR) 192 k

Angelina Title (SRB) 192 k

Novel Meniger (FRA) 192 k

Mirela Demireva (BUL) 189 q

Morgan Lake (GPR) 189 cu

Imke Onnen (GER) 189 q

Savaskan Bus (TUR) 189 cu

Maja Nilsson (SWE) 189q

Leah Apostolowski (SLO) 189q

Hedda Toury (FIN) 185

Emilia Cancun The results in the women’s shot put final were poor and Finn placed jumbo in the final with 16.74 points. The Netherlands achieved a double victory in the game Jessica is a painter Hold the gold, and Jordyn Van Klingen He took the silver home.


Women’s shot put final

1. Jessica Schilder (NED) 18,77

2. Jorinde van Klingen (NED) 18.67

3. Yemisi Ogunleye (GER) 18.62

4. Anna Kenzel (GER) 18.55

5. Maria Belen Domil (ESP) 18.43

12. Emilia Kangas 16.74

For Daniel Stahl He missed the final of the discus, where Sweden exited without a medal. Despite finishing third by more than half a meter, Stahl finished fourth in the race Mykolas Alencon behind. Slovenia Christian Say He won the European Championship with 68.08 points.

The home crowd celebrated as Italy claimed a double in the women’s 20km walk. Antonella Palmisano seized gold and Valentina Trapletti He captured the silver. There was a close race for third place in Ukraine Lyudmila Olyanovska He grabbed the bronze at the finish line.


Women’s 20km Walk Final

1. Antonella Palmisano (ITA) 1:28:08

2. Valentina Trabletti (ITA) 1:28:37

3. Liutnila Olyanovska (UKR) 1:28:48

4. Laura Garcia-Caro (ESP) 1:28:48

5. Camille Maudert (FRA) 1:28:55

In the men’s 100m preliminaries

In the men’s shot put qualifiers, the Italians also performed well Leonardo Fabri He crossed the qualification bar in the first round.


Men’s shot put qualification

1. Leonardo Fabbri (ITA) 9.10 p.m

2. Marcus Thompson (NOR) 20,69

3. Filip Mihajevic (CRO) 20,69

4. Victor Peterson (SWE) 20.57

5. Thomas Stanek (CZE) 20.53

6. Scott Lincoln (GBR) 20,31

7. Bob Perdems (Lux) 20.23

8. Francisco Bello (POR) 20.18

9. Andrei Rares Toader (ROM) 20.13

10. Misat Haradic (POL) 19.79

11. Mesud Pezer (BIH) 19.79

12. Jane Weir (ITA) 19.71

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