HJK’s childhood in the Weekausliga continued – another miserable result

HJK lost.


HJK suffered their second defeat in the Weekausliga with a 1-2 draw against Vasa Pallosura in Tolo.

Almost 7,000 people gathered in Töölö, but HJK played a quiet match despite that.

VPS led 1–0 in the opening period Mats porchers He completed the lead with a penalty kick after 29 minutes of play.

More came in the second period when Anti-Ville Raisenen scored in the 66th minute of the game.

Luc Blanke put HJK on target in extra time, but the Helsinki team could not get any closer. VPS managed to defend their lead till the end and celebrate their fifth win of the season.

HJK got back to winning ways in the previous match against FC Inter, but immediately went back to losing ways. HJK’s start to the season has been challenging anyway, and the team’s performance has not received much praise.

AC Oulu and IFK Mariehamn, on the other hand, leveled the score in Oulu.

Ashley Coffey put Oulu 1-0 up in the 24th minute of the match, but Hugo Cardoso In the 78th minute of the game, IFK drew Maryhamn 1-1.

The match ended with these numbers.

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