How much the iconic Toyota costs in its latest version – not for the poor

You can get a new Land Cruiser for 123,300 euros.

Toyota Land Cruiser is an off-road vehicle. Jason Fang

Advance sales have begun, with the iconic SUV Toyota Land Cruiser getting a price tag. These start on the other side of 120,000 euros, and for that money you get almost 5 meters of Japanese quality.

The Land Cruiser will continue to be a vehicle worth paying a substantial price for. Jason Fang

However, that amount includes about 50,000 euros in car tax already owed to the government, as the 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine emits about 280 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer sticking in the taxpayer’s wounds.

When adding equipment, the car tax also increases and the top-equipped limited edition first edition model is listed at 166,326 euros.

The latest Land Cruiser’s design borrows well from the model’s history without looking tastelessly retro. Jason Fang

Uusi Land Cruiser

Iltalehdi detailed the new Land Cruiser in August 2023. Read the original presentation at the link above.

The innovation is initially equipped with a 2.8-liter and 151 kW (205 hp) diesel engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The engine has a torque of 500 Newton meters.

In the cabin of the first edition model, we are in a very refined situation. Jason Fang

Basic configuration Toyota’s new GA-F is a separate chassis, and has a towing weight of 3.5 tonnes.

Off-road features are further enhanced and the front anti-roll bar can be switched off (SDM).

Car geeks will easily recognize the novelty from this angle. Jason Fang

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If this information is necessary because of the tree planting spacing in your own forest, the length should be less than 5 meters and the width should be less than 2 meters. Height is less than 1.9 meters.

There is room for five or seven people.

The picture shows the first edition model with seven seats. Jason Fang

Entry is the starting point

Entry-level equipment that starts the price list includes, for example, heated glass and the Toyota Touch 3 infotainment system.

Next, set at a price of less than 140,000 euros, the Legend equipment level includes a ventilation function for the front seats, separate air conditioning in the rear of the passenger compartment and the Toyota Smart Connect + infotainment system with 12.3. – inch touch screen.

Designed for customers who require off-road features. Jason Fang

In particular, off-road features are boosted with off-road camera systems, multi-terrain select off-road driving modes and an electrically controlled rear differential lock, which costs more than 5,000 euros on the Prestige equipment level.

Seven seats and the top seat of the permanent price list belong to the Executive trim level, which costs just under 163,000 euros.

This sticker is used to identify the booker and is very rare in this case. Jason Fang

The first edition special model, designed exclusively for pre-orders of that car, is slightly pricier. Perhaps one day it will become a model version of interest to collectors.

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