“I feel like I let the whole country down”

Justus Gunnas took the loss hard.

Justus Gunnas covers his face after a failed penalty kick. Domi Sodium / AOP

– You can't get over this feeling… Ugh. I feel like I let the whole country down, Justus Gunna Disappointed to Yle.

Finland's men's futsal team's World Cup dreams were dashed on Wednesday after a 4-5 loss to the Netherlands in a World Cup play-off match in Vantaa.

The match was decided only in a penalty shootout. Holland made every effort. Finn Gunnas was the only one not to score.

Gunnas moved on after the match. According to Yle, she cried during the interview and signing.

– I have never experienced such a match in my life, where you are on a rollercoaster of emotions. Then it went to these commas (punishments). And so it happened, Gunnas said until his voice broke.

Despite the disappointment, Gunnas signed autographs for their young supporters after the match. He scored a goal for Finland earlier in the tournament.


The game was a thrilling thriller. The Netherlands already led 2-0, but Finland struggled to get into the game. In the end, actual game time was not enough to decide the winner.

Finland Iro Vanha The score was tied 4-4 with one second left in overtime. It was finally settled by a penalty kick.

Holland qualified for the World Cup.

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