IL’s Lions and Sheep: There was a clear number in the polls

Lee Andersen was the most successful candidate in the European elections, according to Ildalehti’s Léjonad Ja Lambat estimates. Anna-Maja Henriksen’s decision was very weak.

Iltalehti’s editors have distributed lions and sheep to the leaders of parliamentary parties for major electoral trials during the European elections.

Based on the evaluation of the board, the president performed well in the exams and got only lions Lee Anderson (Left). The leader got more goats Anna-Maja Henriksson (R) They are the only presidents standing in EU elections who are also stepping down this year.

They also received hard benefits Rika Burra (ps) 14 lions and Anti Lindeman (SD) With 13 Lions.

The evaluations were conducted in four exams from May 28 to June 6. All tests have three assessors. Candidate may get three lions better or three goats.

In one test, the maximum performance will be nine lions, for a total of 36 lions in four tests. At worst the same amount of sheep could have been collected.

Outgoing Head of Child Waiting Center Annika Charikova Yle was lucky in all the exams except vice president Petri Honkonen, self-nominated. In Eltalethy’s election, the leader of the Christian Democratic Party Sari Essaiah Your lucky Vice President Katrina Hippauri. I pass the exam, conference Peter’s Heel Your lucky Vice President Andy Hokkanen.

The committee evaluates these choices:

28.5 Ilda-Sanomi Examination

3.6 Illathlethi Exam

4.6 Sanomat Exam of Helsing

6.6. Select in

Here’s a summary of the results and IL’s ratings:

Petteri Orbo (the cook): 9 lions and 2 lambs

A steady and somewhat gray sky from Orbo who wants to avoid mistakes of course in the event of an electoral victory returning to the coalition.

I had to explain my own and the alliance’s position on the British-promoted Rwanda model. According to Orbo, the alliance does not support the Rwandan model, but also does not support the drowning of people en route to Europe. “The Mediterranean Sea is a great graveyard.”

You have underlined how the coalition will not cooperate with extremist groups, otherwise you would be well aware that you are the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister’s EU experience is seen as solid and calm. Explained, holding hands, why it is worth trying to create cooperation even with undesirable parties in the EU.

Andi Hakanen (chef): 2 lions and 2 lambs

Hakanen took care of Orbo, who was ill at Yle’s election. He turned his head to other people’s talk and continued to talk superficially. Arrogance was evident.

Sivaltheli spoke for the Left Alliance and Green Direction. “Has the Left Alliance proposed that the Putinists be split from the group? Not done.” Sivalsi brilliantly hit the opposition twice.

Rika Burra and Antti Lindman collected lions worthy of capture in Iltalethi’s ratings. Rosa Broger

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Anti Lindeman (SD): 13 Lions and 3 Goats

You don’t have to agree with Lindman, but with Gallup’s popularity, Lindman’s confidence has grown. This will probably work in the direction of the Dems’ potential voters, and the party will make a good EU election result.

A strong challenge from the number one opposition. Arbo jumped on the Rwandan model and made a mess. Preserved the previous government’s expensive koruna rescue package for Finland, even though the money was used for everything else.

He clearly focused his energies on challenging Orbo and he won decently. Note, however, that the same disc spins from one debate to another, for example challenging the coalition on asylum policy. This shows that you have memorized the speeches or at least the phrases.

Even in Europe, the Lindemann-led SDP became clear that Burra’s base did not want to cooperate with the Finns. Let’s see who benefits the most from a fierce clash.

Rikka Burra (ps): 14 lions and 1 ram

Burra clearly emphasized the PS’s position on asylum policy and that, according to the PS, a model similar to the Rwandan model is the future.

The boundary law seems almost a matter of life and death for Burra. “Yes, it is absolutely necessary from the point of view of national security”.

Europe’s migrant pressure can only be solved by fighting back, he said. Stabbed and gang-raped in Germany. It spoke directly to the party’s supporters.

China, which dominates the global market, has warned against further entrenchment in the EU’s economic sphere. Burra’s speech shows that Finland is aiming for the position of Competition Commissioner in the EU Commission.

Enjoyed listening to the presentations, breaks and talks. Exams are very boring without parra.

Pictured are Petteri Orbo (cook), Rika Burra (BS), Petri Honkonen (center) and Sofia Virta (green) at Iltalehti’s test on Monday, June 3. Pete Anikari

Petri Honkonen (center): 3 lions and 8 goats

You defeated Chairman Chariko in three tests. Seemed too optimistic at times. Honkonen appeared to be present at Parliament’s Question Time at times, asking questions from representatives of the ruling parties.

Options for the center are offered with reasonable certainty, and are often options that fall somewhere in between the other options.

According to Hongkonen, deterring China is not realistic, but dependence on China should be reduced. He reminded that the Finns cannot oppose every well if they want to reduce their dependence on China.

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A bonus for fur coats, the border guard commented, “We had to go to the last snow, but it looks like we’re going to a summer wedding.”

Annika Charico (center): 3 lions and 1 sheep

Chariko returned to the last Yle Electoral Exam, where he performed equally well. When discussing the extremes, try to create an image of the center as a stable and safe alternative.

France, the giant of the European Union, has bluntly stated that it is not acting in favor of Ukraine. He took control of the situation in the studio several times.

Sophia Virta (Green): 9 Lions and 7 Goats

Virta plays a minor role in the exams, and it is difficult to know why: perhaps in this worldly situation Virta and Greens have no movement in the most central subjects of expertise. Of course, the leader should be in control of all subject areas, but if Virta knows them, the guidelines will be left in the background in exams.

He is taking his party to the polls for the first time and is yet to clear the panel test. Finally the questions had to be answered repeatedly. “Luckily, he’s gone to the gym so he can hold his hand for five rounds,” he said awkwardly.

“Even today, 7,000 children die of starvation around the world,” Virta said, adding that the asylum debate must address root causes in countries of origin. Thinking about the stream sometimes moves too fast and the slower ones fall off the ride.

Bringing up the Greens’ EU group, he said the Greens were too like-minded and not interested.

Lee Anderson (left): 20 lions, no goats

Being quick-witted and quick-witted can be an asset when you have to challenge someone bigger than you, like the Coalition Prime Minister.

Anderson did not disappoint in the polls. The information was discovered, and he stuck firmly to his views on the asylum application process at every opportunity. For example, it was angrier than in parliamentary elections.

Andersen pointed out that “Erkica is not aware of the coalition’s asylum policy” or “listen to the bite, not the solutions to the solution”.

Idealism permeates Anderson’s speeches, and this is sure to please Anderson’s potential voters. He considered that arms should be procured primarily from Europe. Of course, one might assume that the best weapons should be bought first.

Passes the presidential election exams as a sovereign debater. European leftist Russia fans, shudder. Suomen’s Li Andersson is going to drive you crazy.

Lee Anderson (left) excelled in the polls, Anna-Maija Henriksen did not. Rosa Broger

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Anna-Maja Henriksson (R): 1 lion, 14 goats

So what’s up?

Henriksen is a former justice minister who sat in the government’s fourth administration. Still, there’s no telling what he thinks about the boundary bill. “After consultation with experts, RKB will make its final position.”

Sometimes he rants about how forests are important to Finns and how Finns like to walk in the forest. Not really asked to speak out loud, not commenting on what others said.

According to Henriksen, the RKP did not support the Rwandan model, to which Lindemann replied that “this is already the third level of government”. “The EU needs to focus on bigger things,” he said, referring to the bottle-return system. In the televised form of nine party leaders, he is often overshadowed by his more fluent colleagues.

A victory is, among other things, a determination to wrest the presidency from Hungary, if necessary, if the country is cross-roads in supporting Ukraine.

Sari Isaiah (KD): 9 Lions, 2 Goats

Strong expert on EU issues. Although it is not very attractive to talk about the importance of the EU’s core market union to strengthen competitiveness in selection, luckily someone is able to talk about it. He proposed the portfolio of Agriculture Commissioner for Finland, which would be a difficult portfolio with large budgetary responsibilities.

According to him, many EU countries can use the refugee quota. More than 60 percent of asylum seekers receive a negative decision. According to Essaya, this shows that the asylum system is being misused.

Not the greatest TV showman, but experience shows. Important things to have. “SDP always goes into taxpayers’ pockets,” he concluded by telling Lindemann.

Katrina Hippavuri (kd): 1 lion and 2 lambs

Turasi Essayahi in Iltalethi’s selection. Election exam inexperience was shown as unchallenged and basic answers emphasizing the KD’s line. He said Finland had no choice but to export forest data to Brussels.

Hari Harkimo (liik): 7 lions and 10 goats

Harkimo seems to be going into these elections with half power, which is understandable when no tough names are running.

As is often the case with the leader of a small party in these big election tests, he got few speeches. Harkimo can crystallize his message more clearly, and has an adequate approach.

According to Harkimov, it is necessary to make changes in the asylum policy and expel people who are not granted asylum. On the immigration debate, he rightly says that there cannot be a more confusing debate, but he fails to explain his own model.

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